Almost bowled over….

With apologies to Chicago – Does anybody really know what bowl this is…. does anybody really care?

And there have been some good games. But for fans without a connection to the schools involved, many of these bowls have all the drama and interest of division rivalries between the NFC West.

Terrelle Pryor was named the MVP of the 2011 Sugar Bowl. Think officials figured out how to put a tracking device on that trophy?

Actually, there are rumors that Pryor and his to-be-suspended OSU teammates may star in an off-season reality show  – Bowling for Dollars.

The story switches hourly but now it seems like Jim Harbaugh is heading to the 49ers. Which means he might be the first college coach to switch to the pros and take a step down with his quarterback.

On the other hand Harbaugh isn’t that much older than Brett Favre?  Maybe the 49ers want him to be a player coach.

Earlier today there was the rumor of Harbaugh to the Raiders? With all due respect, entering into a business relationship with the 81 year old Al Davis at this point seems about as likely for long-time success as marrying Hugh Hefner.

Tough luck for Tom Cable. His greatest problem as a coach this year? Not being in the NFC West.

Meanwhile, back in Ann Arbor, the word out of Michigan is that Rich Rodriguez is fired, no he’s not fired, maybe he is fired, maybe he’s not. Not sure who’ll be coaching the team next year but wonder how long it will take for them to offer a job to new quarterbacks coach Brett Favre.

And okay, I admit, I hate Notre Dame. But listening to all these puns and headlines with Stanford’s quarterback we should all be glad he didn’t go to South Bend. How many times could we have stood the phrase “Luck of the Irish?”

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson says negotiations between the NFL and the unions are not going well. But they could still settle in time to play the 2011 season, so Carolina fans shouldn’t get too optimistic.

Snooki has written a book.  Putting her in that exclusive fraternity with folks like George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, who wrote a book before they read one.. 

From Bill Littlejohn:  There is now a video game in which you can play a round of golf at Augusta National Golf Club.If you log in that you’re a woman, the game includes angry stares and catcalls from club members”

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2 Comments on “Almost bowled over….”

  1. Augie Says:

    Well, Stanford’s QB could have gone to Edward R Morrow’s alma mater, and we would have heard after every game, “Good Night, and Good Luck.” With Notre Dame, you either love them or hate them. But people who love them usually have a reason, those that don’t don’t.

    I understand the Augusta National Golf Club video game has a DADT button on it, so those hitting off the red tees can play through.

  2. tc Says:

    Wasn’t Al Davis Paterno’s understudy at Penn St?

    Mike Vick says “the last penned state that i was in had armed guards.”

    After that rousing victory by the Seahags over the StL Sheeps, they gotta change the billing to “Sleepless in St Louis”

    as they say in Vegas, Happy 20-Yoleven Everyone!!!

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