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Santa Clause?

December 15, 2013


All of this controversy over a “white” label. Hey, it only involves a fictional character who many grownups don’t believe in anyway. But enough about Megyn Kelly

If “affluenza” and parents who don’t set limits is a reason to avoid prison, shouldn’t “poorenza” and not having parents around to set limits qualify as the same excuse?

Snow and sleet at Army-Navy game. Otherwise known this year as “Super Bowl Practice.”


Only missed the Mega Millions jackpot by six numbers last night. And I didn’t even play..



Rumor has it Khloe Kardashian might be dating Matt Kemp. “What a shame that the Dodgers might have to deal with all that distraction” said absolutely no one in San Francisco.


Nick Saban got a $7 million a year contract extension. Imagine how much he could have gotten if the Alabama coach hadn’t gotten stupid with fighting for that second on the clock to attempt a 60 yard field goal.


Internal ESPN memo (no joke) “Recently, there have been numerous incidents in which the word “sucks” has been used on our air. This word is simply not appropriate for ESPN.” Well, except where Dallas is concerned.

Figures. Yesterday new Texas AD said of football coach Mack Brown “Hopefully we’ll get together, be able to work for many years to come.” Today Brown officially resigned. To be fair, Patterson didn’t say what he hoped they worked together on..


Wonder how many of those trumpeting the “War on Christmas” are the same ones oohing and aahing over all those ads suggesting luxury cars as gifts?



FSU QB Jameis Winston has as expected won the Heisman. Only a freshman, Winston has demonstrated his NFL readiness with a police investigation BEFORE he turned pro.




Pope Francisco told an Italian newspaper that he is not a Marxist. “But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people, so I don’t feel offended.” He might have added “most of the people attacking me would also call Jesus a Marxist.”