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Not short-changed

October 6, 2017

Nick Folk might have had the kicking night from hell. But he’s got to be a top candidate for a Southwest commercial. #Wannagetaway wrote Jose Altuve, 5’6″, “joined short list of players” with 3 home runs in 1 game in postseason. Did they type that with a straight face?

Boston Red Sox after today’s game might have wondered if they should have kept Pablo Sandoval around just to face Verlander.

Anyone but me see #RedSox #Astros & still initially think, that’s not an ALDS playoff series but an unlikely World Series match up?

So 1st game of ALDS between Astros and Red Sox, is not only during the day, but on #MLBNetwork. Way to build a national fanbase, MLB.

So yeah, for the uninitiated, MLB playoff baseball is supposed to be all about great pitching. #notexactly

Rumors only. But looking good for those who had John Kelly in the Trump resignation pool.

#KellyanneConway is now blaming Obama for not regulating bump stocks. Next she’ll say he could have prevented the Bowling Green Massacre.


AAA said dashboard devices are causing more distracted driving. Wonder how many people read that story on their phones while driving.

If we have to show a picture with stories about the Las Vegas shooting, can it be a picture of one of the victims, not the killer?

If we REALLY want meaningful gun law reform by executive order, maybe someone should get Barack Obama to defend assault weapons.

Gun silencer bill currently stalled in Congress is called “Hearing Protection Act” Because hunters can’t afford 50 cents for ear plugs? #WTF  #huntersnowflakes


Pro-life Rep. Tim Murphy, who wasn’t seeking reelection over texts asking mistress to have abortion, is now resigning.  Hmm, could there be more texts?  Or more mistresses?

Sanders-“Trump has made a decision on the Iran deal.” He’ll tell us….after the break? Someone tell him Presidency is not a reality TV show.

So how long until Trump appoints Harvey Weinstein to a White House position?

Ivana Trump now says she told her ex-husband ‘I think you should tweet. It’s a new way, a new technology. And if you want to get your words across rightly, without telling The New York Times, which is going to twist every single word of yours, this is how you get your message out.”
So it’s all her fault??!!!

Ivana also said Donald offered her the post of Ambassador to the Czech Republic.  And Czechs have to be thinking… “What did we ever do to the US?”

Finally, here’s the thing on Cam Newton, from my perspective: Clearly there are bigger issues in the world than a QB laughing at a reporter. But he didn’t think the question was funny because Jourdan Rodrigue was a reporter, he thought it was funny because she was a woman.
Any woman who loves sports, and who knows sports, knows that male reaction. And yeah, we cope, and sometimes we laugh too. But hey guys, it’s 2017. Many women know sports, sometimes better than you. Get over it.