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Costa rica?

November 15, 2016


Ok, regarding this #MakeAmericaGreat again stuff. Did @realDonaldTrump not realize we have a men’s soccer team?

Don’t look now, but the Lakers are respectable again. So is it Luke Walton coaching or Kobe Bryant leaving?


ESPN headline  “The CFP race is setting up for an unpredictable and likely controversial finish.”  In other words, water is wet.

Lots of Big 10 teams in the top rankings now.   Add another  conference where teams can beat up on each other but still rank higher than Pac 12 teams who do the same thing.

Columbia University has at least temporarily stopped its mens’ wrestling team from competing during an investigation of “lewd tweets.”
Once again, bad enough to make the comments, criminal stupidity to put them on the record in tweets. Even Ivy Leagues apparently #cantfixstupid

Apparently 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, 29, has NEVER registered to vote. And he thinks Hillary Clinton is an imperfect leader….

For election should we really blame #AlGore? If he hadn’t invented internet Hillary’s emails & Trump on Twitter wouldn’t have happened.


Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that a America who thinks you can find true love on reality show also thinks you can find president on one.


Democrats need to remember, it’s as important to keep fighting forward when we’re winning as to fight back when we lose.

Wait, I can’t just fire everyone in Congress I don’t like? #PresidentTrumps1stTantrum

Has anyone thought that maybe putting #SteveBannon in the White House is to make #Trump look statesmanlike by comparison?

So has anyone told Rudy Giuliani that if he becomes Secretary of State he can’t count on FBI friends to bail him out?


New sore winner prize to @RealDonaldTrump: if no electoral college “I’d have campaigned in N.Y. FL & CA, & won even bigger & more easily”

Twitter says it is cracking down on hate speech. Just in time to keep deranged Tweeters from affecting the US election. Oh wait, never mind.

USA doesn’t have “Leader of the Opposition” like UK does, but Democrats need one now to inspire w/ positive message. I nominate @CoryBooker