One America?

Not that America ever could unite easily on anything. But for a suggestion, could I suggest that after Trump’s inaugural that pitchers and catchers report early?

But yes, it won’t be TOO long until the jokes about rich white privilege can at least temporarily be focused on the Yankees.

I’m all for protests against our new @POTUS . But will these protesters remember to make as much of an effort for the 2020 election?

Obama’s last phone call as President was apparently to thank Angela Merkel,. Yes, Germany is last bastion of liberalism #whythereisnosatire

On a brighter note for moderates and liberals, Trump now has his own @realDonaldTrump AND @Potus twitter accounts. Maybe it will keep him busy enough to limit the damage?



So how many people woke up this morning with the hope of hearing at 12noon. “I was just kidding.”


Some complain that Trump’s speech was reminiscent of Batman villain Bane. How silly, it was much more Darth Vader.

It was a great Inauguration speech for all those who hate waiting between Olympics for all those USA USA USA!! chants.


“We are going to be protected by God”. Uh, if God was protecting us Trump probably wouldn’t be making this speech.

“For too long a small group of people in Washington have reaped the rewards”. But now I’m going to make sure my rich friends get their share

“Righteous people”. Code for “white men”.

Hate idea of #PresidentTrump as much as anyone. But anyone idiotic enough to protest by destroying property is playing into his rhetoric.


#AmericaFirst would be lot more believable if it not spouted from lips of man whose 2 out of 3 wives have been immigrants. #Inauguration


Yes, he’s comedy gold, but I’d have preferred to spend day struggling to think of a good inaugural ball pantsuit joke. #Inauguration


And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain… #InauguralBall

“Identity politics” is tossed around like “snowflakes” as a derogatory term these days. But I would venture that most people who do the tossing are people who don’t feel justifiably threatened and scared by the new administration.

From Marc Ragovin :” Wonderful inaugural speech by Trump. I hear the Russian judge gave it an 11.”

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One Comment on “One America?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    The forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no more. So if there are any billionaires out there who I haven’t tapped for cabinet posts, speak up now before it’s too late

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