Dreaming, I must be dreaming…

Seahawks DE Cliff Avril reached out to Tony Romo after hitting him and fracturing his back. Romo apparently texted back “You take care of the NFC West, we will see yall in the playoff.”
So will Seattle send Dallas tickets?
SFGiants bullpen manages to hold a 1 run lead for 3 innings against Cubs. So where do we submit this to the Pope as a miracle?

And today,Madbum  walked & Cubs pitched to Nunez in front of him – resulting  in a run-scoring  single,  rather than issuing an intentional walk. The fear of #Pitcherswhorake #SFGiants

Meanwhile, the SF Giants call up Joe Nathan.  Going to party like it’s 1999!

On a week that the University of Wisconsin was named the #1 US college party school, the Badgers upset #5 LSU. On Labor Day weekend. So have they canceled Tuesday classes yet?



As Stanford fan not fond of the SEC, I begin to understand what it must be like for my friends who hate both #Hillary & #Trump #USCvsBAMA

And a fat lot of good it took me on the high road:  But ok, since I tell people they have to chose even between “the lesser of two evils.” Gulp. #GoTrojans #FightOn #USCvsBAMA

The #Broncos released #MarkSanchez, who’s expected to sign w/ #Cowboys. Great news for comedy writers who wonder they will do post-election.

Chip Kelly announced today that Blaine  Gabbert would be the 49ers starting QB. Wonder if the second in command on the Titanic disrespected “God Save the King.”

So #Stanford didn’t look great in opening game. But they didn’t lose. Yes I am talking about you fill-in-the-blank team #nerdnation

A man given nitrous oxide at a dentist in Ohio is recovering after he accidentally shot himself in the hand with his own gun. He thought he heard his cellphone ringing. #ifonlyhewasarmed. No, wait…never mind

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma this morning, also rattling
Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, and Iowa. Maybe God is sending a message to red states?

From T.C.  “People in the Bay Area were outraged that Red Sox infielder Dustin Pedroia was not standing during the National Anthem at the Oakland A’s game. PeeDee said “But I am standing!”

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One Comment on “Dreaming, I must be dreaming…”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Melania Trump is suing the Daily Mail for libel. Why not use the “Many people are saying” defense?

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