Blowing saves in the wind?

It’s not just the blown saves. It’s the kind of blown saves. The blown “balk-off” save after that great comeback against the Padres, the 3 run home-run blown save with two outs after a 6 run lead was down to two, today when the #SFGiants were actually going to win a game against the Cubs, the best team so far in the NL, despite having only 2 hits….
On the bright side, #Casilla probably means increased employment for San Francisco area psychologists and bartenders.


#JoeNathan, after perfect 12th, defended #SFGiants closer ; Casilla has “electric’s the limit for him.” Yeah, but sky is falling

Former USC coach Steve Sarkisian, apparently may join the Alabama coaching staff, where he’d work alongside Lane Kiffin. Would this make give the Crimson Tide the only sideline with nuclear capability?

LSU coach Les Miles says he will review Josh Boutte’s late hit on Wisconsin’s D’Cota Dixon after Dixon’s game-clinching interception. Wonder if Miles might even suspend Boutte for the first half of next week’s game against Jacksonville State?

Coldplay’s Chris Martin yesterday in San Francisco referred to it being “the city of brotherly love,” Philadelphia was the band’s next stop. Good thing he didn’t say something about Frisco or the Golden Gate in Philly, fans might not have let him out alive.

When Navy’s QB was injured they took a guy out of the stands, dressed him in uniform and put him in. Then Malcolm Perry led the team to a win. You can do that? said the Dallas Cowboys.


If politics makes strange bed fellows, sports makes stranger ones: As in people suddenly becoming Texas fans. #HookEmHorns. #NDvsTex

But hey, Notre Dame opening their season on … a Sunday?   And then losing in the second overtime. Well, well maybe even God sometimes has has enough of Touchdown Jesus.



Hillary Clinton, after Donald Trump attacked Arizona GOP senator Jeff Flake “”There’s going to be no one left in Washington for Trump to work with who he hasn’t insulted.”
And the Donald is thinking “She thinks I have to work with anyone?”


From my funny friend Alex Kaseberg.

A shirtless Rhode Island man opened fire on his neighbor’s home using corncobs and a potato gun. Authorities are entertaining the concept that alcohol may have been involved.

(So  I have to wonder – instead of being armed, can we say this guy was eared?)

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