Fight night.

Regarding this ‪#‎MayPac‬ fight on Pay-Per-View. I’m trying to figure out how much someone would have had to have paid me to view it. ‪#‎notaboxingfan‬


So what comes next? Mayweather’s next fight or his next domestic violence arrest? ‪#‎MayPac‬

But hey, for anyone who really is a fight fan…. wouldn’t it have been cheaper to sign up to stream Kansas City Royals games?

Now, if anyone wants to see a real fight, the Yankees have decided Alex Rodriguez’s 660th home run is not a “marketable milestone.”  So they don’t have to pay him a $6 million bonus.  Which A-Rod plans to challenge.

(On top of the animosity involved, how often do Americans get to see a fight where they hope both sides lose?)


Congrats to American Pharoah for winning the best two minute event in sports. As opposed to say, Big Papi’s batter’s box ritual.


American Pharoah could really win the hearts of the country – What’s more American these days than misspelling?  “Pharaoh” is the correct spelling.  But the name sent in and selected as the winner of a naming contest, and the owner didn’t notice.  Until after American Pharoah was registered….


Although to be honest, have to wonder how many Americans even know what a Pharaoh is.


Maybe next year the Zayat Stable should name a horse “Autocorrect.”

A baby three hours after going to the hospital and a girl at that. Is Kate efficient or what? ‪#‎improvingthegenepool‬ ‪#‎Royalbaby‬

Kate leaves the hospital 10 hours after giving birth. And no doubt some U.S. conservatives would say, yes, another poor mother who suffers because the Government is in charge of healthcare. ‪#‎Royalbaby‬



So the ‪#‎NYJets‬ have yet another quarterback. Forget bobbleheads, will the one of the team’s giveaways be a toy clown car?

And we wonder why former football players have health problems. From a Colts website story on Stanford’s Henry Anderson. “He’s a good pass rusher, and if he adds some weight (he’s 6-6, 295 pounds) he could develop the power that could make him a force up front “. Adds some weight….? Sigh



Rick Santorum on Bruce Jenner. “If he says he’s a woman, he’s a woman.” It’s a start. now, would Santorum let Ms. Jenner use a bathroom with his wife?

Two police dogs in Medford, are expected to be out of work because while they are great at sniffing out marijuana. pot will become legal in Oregon July 1. But maybe savvy buyers can contract them on a part time basis for quality control?

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5 Comments on “Fight night.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Tiger & Lindsey Vonn have called it quits due to their “hectic” schedules. I never thought golf season and ski season conflicted with each other. Mind you, “apre ski” and early morning tee times featuring “Perkin’s pancake brekkys” aren’t conducive to a lasting relationship either.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Travel industry news: Alaska Airlines Juneau to Seattle plane diverted to Vancouver International Airport due to an electrical problem on Sunday afternoon.

    Passengers overwhelmed the circuits requesting the Yanks/Red Sox game. Canadian airspace only allowed NHL Montreal playoff games at that time.

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