Who’s not looking at you, kid?

More on the showering with a gay teammate issue. What is it about some straight men that makes them think all gay men would find them attractive? I suppose the same thing that makes some men think all women find them attractive.

New Orleans Saints LB Jonathan Vilma, who originally made what seemed like homophobic comments about showering with a gay teammate, now has given a long convoluted apology. Translation – someone probably got a call from pro-gay rights QB – and team captain – Drew Brees.

Shirley Temple has passed away. And millions of younger Americans wonder why her parents named her after a drink.

So at least for now we lose the only real live drama of NBC’s primetime Olympics show – Just how much weirder looking could poor Bob Costas get with his pink eye infection? Costa sat out at least Tuesday’s coverage.

NBC every night what they perceive to be the best for last with their primetime 8-11pm Olympic coverage. Which means that folks in the generation least likely to have seen the results online have probably been in bed for hours.

Tuesday silver lining?   Americans can stop pretending to care about halfpipe.

A “historic ice storm” is supposed to hit Atlanta and potentially leave many without power for days. So where are all those fire and brimstone types who like to blame natural disasters on God’s wrath when those disasters happen to Red states?

Hundreds of flights are being cancelled this week in Charlotte, Dallas and Atlanta due to the latest storm. Looks like if the NFL decides to avoid cold weather cities for future Super Bowls they’re going to have to expand the blacklist.

If NBC broadcast the Super Bowl guess we would have seen brief tape-delayed highlights of the game between 8p-11p, sandwiched between commercials and human interest stories about Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman?

Mark Adams, IOC spokesman, regarding complaints about the halfpipe, which some athletes called “sand and mush.” “There is no problem at all with the halfpipe itself, it is just that these are dynamic living fields of play.” “Dynamic living fields of play?” And officials at Candlestick Park are going “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Well, at least some in the GOP are consistent. Florida Governor Rick Scott, asked directly if he supported an increase in the minimum wage. “If the President really cared about people making minimum wage he’d repeal Obamacare.”

An explosion at a Pakistan porn movie theater killed 11 and injured 30. No word on how many of the men hospitalized will survive their wives finding out where they were.

28 Republicans joined with Democrats in the House to pass a clean debt-limit bill today. I blame Obama.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal suggests that if power goes out throughout the state, residents should “read a book.” And Georgians under 25 responded “What’s a book?

Closing this blog on a sad note.  Just heard of the passing of Keith Hillyard suddenly of a heart attack on January 21.  I never met Keith, he was a retired DJ in New Mexico, but he liked my jokes and read my blog regularly. . And a few times a year he’d add a comment, often something funny.

On January 20, he sent me the following.  “With teams from Colorado and Washington in the Super Bowl, apparently they’re resurrecting the “Weed Eater” Bowl.”

Keith was only 63, and apparently a serious Denver Broncos fan.  At  least he lived before having to watch this year’s game..

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12 Comments on “Who’s not looking at you, kid?”

  1. Don Bott Says:

    “So where are all those fire and brimstone types who like to blame natural disasters on God’s wrath when those disasters happen to Red states?” I think you meant “Blue states.” Ten inches of snow in Portland, OR, shows that the Deity is angry.

  2. Linda O. Says:

    Thank you for doing this. It would have made him happy..Linda Omoletski

  3. tc in bc Says:

    Personally, I thought Samuel L. Jackson was awesome in Django Unchained.

    Let me guess, this would be from DFW ATC? – “JetBlue 96, get that piece of crap you’re flying ready for final approach”… “Delta 147, turn your piece of crap left and follow the piece of crap in front, you’re #2 for runway 36R”.

  4. marc ragovin Says:

    Thank goodness the US has won some medals in these made-up X-Games events at the Olympics, b/c we stink at the real sports

  5. marc ragovin Says:

    kinda tough on my Mets, today, don’t you think?

  6. marc ragovin Says:

    Sid Caesar had died. He will next be appearing in Your Funeral Of Funerals

    ps: yes, i know, there is an extrra special place in hell for me

  7. Marc, you always have a space on my bus to hell. And re the Mets, it was too low hanging fruit 🙂 I do agree with you on the made-up medals. We got one in team skating too.

    • marc ragovin Says:

      It has only been one day and I am sick to my stomach with Jeter retiring talk. I had to go thru a whole year of the Mariano farewell tour. Now this. It’s too much

  8. marc, more excuse for ESPN to show EVERY yankee game.

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