Much ado about nothing?

Now that the royal baby is born, thousands of British reporters no longer have a good reason to stand around and watch nothing happen. Perhaps they can talk their editors into sending them over to Washington D.C.  to watch Congress.

The satiric U.K. magazine, “Private Eye,”  dealt with all the frenzy last week with a simple headline “Woman has baby.”


Saturday the Oakland A’s had “Turn Back the Clock Day”, and honored their 1969 team’s jerseys. The SF Giants apparently also decided to turn back the clock, and honored their 1985 team’s 100 loss season.

(And for any Dodgers’ fans reading this blog.  Or readers who have Dodger fan friends,  please adjust punchline to 1992.    When Los Angeles lost 99 games….

#‎SFGiants‬ fans are lamenting what looks like lost year. Same pain but on a SLIGHTLY smaller scale than ‪#‎Cubs‬ fans and their lost century.

A Hawaii man is suing Delta for allegedly making him crawl down the aisle of its planes and across the tarmac to reach his wheelchair on a 2012 trip, because a flight attendant told him “they couldn’t get him off the plane” otherwise. Just guessing if he had stayed in his seat they’d have figured out a way.


As Yankees GM Brian Cashman says that A-Rod should “Go ahead and file a grievance” with the union if he thinks the Yankees are preventing him from playing, manager Joe Girardi says that he doesn’t expect Rodriguez to be a distraction when he does return to the team. Translation, Girardi doesn’t think A-Rod WILL be back with the Yankees.

No new revelations about Anthony Weiner today.   Of course it IS the weekend.

The West beat the East 102 to 98 in today’s WNBA All-Star game. And if you bet on the game you don’t have to ask – you DO have a gambling problem.


Ryan Braun becomes the first of what might be many PED suspensions this week, and there are seven shutouts in MLB Saturday, including four 1-0 games. Am sure it’s only coincidence.

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3 Comments on “Much ado about nothing?”

  1. Pitching has prevailed the whole year as if it were 1968 except the fact the mound was 6 inches higher back then I believe.. No I don’t think it’s a coincidence that MLB is taking a tougher stand on steroids and the hitting is down.

  2. Richard Nelson, I agree with you!

  3. tc in bc Says:

    Camden Yards, Baltimore announced today that thanks to David Ortiz, the visitors’ dugout is now wireless.

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