Growing, growing, gone….

A new study says 12 states have very high (over 30% of adults) obesity rates: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia. Most of them red states. Which either means higher healthcare costs or less people alive to collect Social Security….

Apparently a $100 million-dollar intrusion-detection system JFK Airport failed to detect a man who WALKED onto a runway Sunday. Gosh, if there were only something that could have seen him, like a human eye, for example?

Once again, and not for the last time, I miss Molly Ivins. And would SO love to read her column on the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said that Chad Johnson wasn’t released because of any single incident. Really? Then why release him the day after his arrest? (Maybe Philbin’s auditioning for a career in politics.)

Isn’t education grand? Seminoles star Greg Reid, who was dismissed from FSU after multiple offenses, the last a traffic and marijuana arrest in Valdosta,  Georgia, has announced he is transferring….to Valdosta State.

(You would think there were one or two small colleges in the South where the cops don’t know him by name.)

R.I.P Helen Gurley Brown, 90, who once said “good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere.” Well, I guess now she’ll find out.

Out of habit this week wonder if NBC will air the Nightly News tape-delayed at midnight?

And you think you have travel problems… Two first class passengers delayed a Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne because the airline didn’t have XL pyjamas available for them. (They refused business class PJs and decided to get off the plane.)

All passengers were safely evacuated after a United Airlines plane caught fire before taking off from Seattle last night. Stand by for United tickets adding a $5 fire extinguisher fee.

Bristol Palin on Paul Ryan “Pray for his family. Pray that he can meet the challenges of the campaign trail without being burned by the spotlight.” Nothing against Ryan personally, and sounds like he has a nice family, but hey, what about the challenges being a potential President?

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2 Comments on “Growing, growing, gone….”

  1. Paul Feehan Says:

    Hey Janice, you mention missing Molly Ivins. We too!! There’s a fairly good fill-in (altho Molly can’t be replaced) @ a blog site under the name of Juanita Jean’s (The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon). Based in Texas (of course) she’s great fun & a good daily read.

  2. Thanks, checked her out. Good stuff!

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