Changing status:

Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoodie to Wall Street and a suit and tie to his wedding. Good to see the young man has at least some of his priorities in order.

A 73 year old woman became the oldest to climb Mount Everest. And the oldest presumably to do with with her left caribiners flashing the whole way.

“I’ll Have Another” won the Preakness Saturday, putting himself in position to win horse racing’s first Triple Crown in 34 years. Or as Cubs fans say “Only Yesterday.”

Are horses really athletes?   Well, they don’t get arrested, say stupid things or otherwise embarrass themselves publicly. But there are those out of wedlock offspring….

Three years after he was released from prison because he was dying of prostate cancer, convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi passed away in Libya. “How sad,” said absolutely nobody.

Two of the strongest signs that President Obama, while far from perfect, seems likely to win re-election over Mitt Romney? GOP talking about Reverend Wright and birth certificates.


Three starters on Florida’s softball team have been suspended for the season, for undisclosed reasons but allegedly over an stupid altercation. Well, once again Title IX has given women the right to show they can compete with male athletes.

Mick Jagger on SNL season finale last night. Guess they wanted a musical guest old enough to remember when the show was actually funny.

Speaking of old, from Bill Littlejohn:  “The world’s oldest yoga teacher is still going strong at 93. His name—-Maharishi Mahesh Moyer.”

Rick Santorum’s campaign ended up $2.2 million in debt, a debt that actually increased after he quit the race. And this is a man who was going to balance the Federal budget?


R.I.P Robin Gibb. Insert bad “Stayin’ Alive” joke here:

Open note to RFK Jr.: If you’re trying to correct your image as a cheating douche bag after your estranged wife commits suicide, probably not a great idea to include in your eulogy at the funeral: “I know I did everything I could to help her.”

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7 Comments on “Changing status:”

  1. TC Says:

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg married his long time girl friend Priscilla Chan. They have already left for their honeymoon in Farmville.

  2. markweiss86 Says:

    I heard that James Franco is enrolled in an art history PhD program and his thesis is on James Franco.

  3. tc Says:

    R.I.P Robin Gibb. Insert bad “Stayin’ Alive” joke here:

    “I started a joke. which started the whole world laughing….”

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