Take the Heat, please.

The Miami Heat have lost three in a row. “That’s such a shame.” said absolutely no one outside South Florida.

Ohio State president Gordon Gee is apologizing after saying that coordinating the school’s 18 colleges was “kind of like the Polish army or something.”

Fortunately for Gee, he’s likely off the front page soon – Urban Meyer with his 30 plus players arrested in 6 years at the Univ. of Florida is taking over this week.

John Edward’s criminal trial has been postponed because he apparently has a “life-threatening” condition. Sad. Being a douchebag is not usually fatal.

A judge says John Edwards has a heart condition. Meaning he has joined Dick Cheney in that rare group who seem to have such problems without actually having a heart.

The comedy gods taketh away and the comedy gods giveth. As the GOP presidential primary field shrinks, comes the report that Tiger Woods and Tim Tebow could end up playing together in the AT& T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Starbucks is launching a new “Blonde Roast” and an employee has posted that they were advised “there are absolutely no blonde jokes to be told around the coffee what so ever.” Doesn’t mean we can’t post them.

Starting with only blondes will be stupid enough to pay more for weaker coffee?

The winner so far from my friend Alex Kaseberg “The blonde coffee has a much higher chance of ending up in a guy’s lap. (Readers are encouraged to add more.)

Former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher may become the next coach of the St. Louis Rams. Fisher apparently is very optimistic, and says he hopes to have the Rams BCS eligible in 2012.

Former interim MLB commissioner Bud Selig has been given a two year extension until 2014. He took the position temporarily in 1992. Even Brett Favre is saying, “Dude, give it up already.”

While I’m not exactly a Mitt Romney fan, the latest attack ad in South Carolina lambastes him for speaking French. After an anti-Jon Huntsman ad attacked him for speaking Chinese. And we wonder why Americans have the reputation for being ethnocentric and stupid.

From Bill Littlejohn, a last word on the BCS championship. After Monday’s 21-0 shellacking at the hands of Alabama, LSU actually received a first place vote in the final poll. Isn’t that like Custer receiving a first place vote after Little Big Horn?

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