Free falling.

Well, it looks like nobody died or was hurt at least in NASA’s latest documentary – “Dude, where’s my satellite?”

Still no word on the final whereabouts of NASA’s dead satellite. But that thing fell to earth faster than Rick Perry’s poll numbers.

Herman Cain won the Florida GOP presidential straw poll. Wonder if it was a butterfly ballot?

SNL opened up the season with a phantom GOP debate. But for sheer comedy value, they really have no chance of topping some moments in the real debates.

Kristen Wiig’s Michele Bachmann isn’t quite up to Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin. But it’s good enough almost to hope the Minnesota congresswoman gets a bounce in the polls so Wiig can keep doing it.

Ohio State started Braxton Miller, a true freshman, at QB against Colorado today. Makes a certain amount of sense. Since Miller wasn’t around last year, they know there’s no chance he sold any bowl memorabilia.

Apparently Jesse James and Kat Von D have broken up, again. This item for all those who are tired of all the media coverage of highbrow celebrities like the Kardashians.

Hilton Hotels is denying rumors that they charged the government $16 each for muffins at a breakfast meeting. The $16 included coffee or tea or soft drinks and a piece of fruit, (plus tip). So hey, give Hilton credit for one thing – making Starbucks look like a bargain.

There is a rumor that MLB and the player’s union have agreed on expanded playoffs for 2013. Now, as a SF Giants fan that would have been fun this year, but seriously, watching the Red Sox and Cardinals about to back their way into the postseason, do we really need to add two more teams that don’t deserve to be in the playoffs?

Regarding the alleged agreement on an expanded postseason – have to think there’s a clause that says – “we will have as many wild card teams as necessary to make sure both the Red Sox and Yankees end up in the playoffs.”

The only good thing about tonight’s Giants-Dbacks game for SF fans? (Final score 15-2 Arizona.) It did tend to diminish that “Damn, the team just caught fire a little too late to make the playoffs” feeling

As if the Marlins didn’t have a rough enough year, now it turns out they have lost their closer, Leo Nunez, because he was playing under an assumed name with fake documents. Apparently Nunez is really Juan Carlos Oviedo. Talk about your player to be named later.

On a serious note – Former NFL Offensive Tackle Orlando Brown was found dead this week at the age of 40, presumably at this point from natural causes. If any profession other than playing in the NFL had anywhere near this rate of early death, think it would still be legal?

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One Comment on “Free falling.”

  1. Peter Collum Says:

    Please no more ‘true’ freshman references.

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