Amateur status?

Well the Buckeyes players may have lost their amateur status.  But the cover-up certainly qualified.


So the Dodgers will make their regular payroll on time this month. But it looks like the Ohio State football team won’t……

Ohio State star Terrelle Pryor has reportedly driven as many as eight cars in his three years in Columbus. Who does Pryor think he is? Jay Leno?

From Gary Morton, “Look for Tressel to host QVS’s new Saturday Sports show this fall – Lord of the Rings.”

Wonder how hard it was for SI to make the decision to publish the article that finally brought down Tressel. Took a lot of cajones to take on one of college football’s sacred cows, or maybe I should say “sacred buckeyes.”

Maybe once OSU ends up on probation, they can talk to USC about playing a charity exhibition game instead of a bowl game this year.  The game could be sponsored by Aladdin Bail Bonds.


Open note to all sports fans, if you’re praying or wishing, be as specific as possible. Wonder how many SF Giants fans prayed or wished last week that catcher Buster Posey wouldn’t take any more foul tips off his mask this season?

In Detroit, the Tigers beat the Twins 6-5 Sunday, and the winning run scored on a ball hit down the line where the umpires ruled spectator interference. Well, I guess that answers the question “Whatever happened to Steve Bartman?”

According to the World Health Organization, cell phone use is in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. So this doesn’t mean that people will stop being rude while using cellphones, but at least they probably won’t be around as long.

The Illinois legislature has voted to allow slot machines in Chicago airports. But most frequent travelers would say you’re already gambling every time you plan to connect in O’Hare.


Alaska Airlines plans to be the first airline to replace their pilot manuels with iPads. And the trend could catch on. Besides eliminating about 25 pounds of paper per flight, the iPads would be an easy way for pilots to store all their cocktail recipes.


Rush Limbaugh says he doesn’t really believe  Congressman Anthony Weiner’s story that a hacker was responsible for tweeting a picture of him in his underwear to a young woman. But Rush also said he didn’t think it was a big deal. Scary translation, does this mean Rush has tweeted his own “brief” picture to someone?

“Where’s the Birth Certificate?”, a book written by Jerome Corsi that still claims President Obama was not born in the U.S, has debuted at #6 on the New York Times bestseller list. Makes a certain amount of sense. One of the most popular book categories in stressful times is “fantasy.”

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump had nothing but positive words for each other today after they met briefly in Trump’s penthouse in Manhattan. Amazing, both those egos fit into a single room?

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3 Comments on “Amateur status?”

  1. Augie Says:

    “Maybe once OSU ends up on probation, they can talk to USC about playing a charity exhibition game instead of a bowl game this year. The game could be sponsored by Aladdin Bail Bonds.”

    I think Bad Boy Bail Bonds has the market on probation bowls.

    And as far as Rush Limbaugh tweeting his own “brief” picture to someone, it would be more like a “beef” tweet.

  2. tc Says:

    got some big laffs tonite using your line at the bar…. if nobody scores, the game will be decided by penalty kicks….. and then only seconds before regulation time ends?

    i did credit you, but when they found out you lived near San Josey, well, you can imagine.

    • left coast sports babe Says:

      T.C. Tell them I do NOT root for the Sharks. True. I grew up a Leafs fan. (Which is probably why I don’t watch so much hockey anymore…. but rooting for Canucks big time.)

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