You can’t make this up…

Once again, some realities top any potential punchline:

Ochocino,  tweeting about his prospective bull riding adventure:

“The real question is not how long I can last on the bull but how long the bull can last with me riding him or her.”

And yes, baseball players are superstitious, and as such usually don’t like no-hitters or even streaks mentioned.  And maybe they have a point:

The San Francisco Chronicle mentioned today in a sidebar, that Giants’ relievers had not allowed a run in 22 innings.  So what happened at Wrigley Field today?  Three relievers combined to allow eight runs, in less than two innings.

Not to say that a lot of fans who turn into the playoffs don’t pay regular attention to NBA basketball, but apparently some folks are eager to see the Heat-Bulls series because they want to see how Lebron James matches up with Michael Jordan.

The Grizzlies rallied today to force game seven against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Memphis fans are thrilled, they haven’t had a professional team like this in town since John Calipari was coaching the Tigers.

Fans in Seattle had mixed feelings watching tonight’s NBA playoff game, as their former Super Sonics,  now the Oklahoma City Thunder,almost advanced to the Western Conference finals.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if when the Super Sonics left, they had taken the Mariners with them.

The Giants are in first place, so we shouldn’t complain. BUT….. Getting awfully tired of “-fill-in-name-of-journeyman-pitcher-with-high-ERA- struck out a season-high today against San Francisco.” stories. (Rick Dempsey?! Really?)

Katie Couric’s last day as CBS news anchor will be May 19, about two weeks before her five year contract is over. “Just another liberal who didn’t know how to take the courageous road and quit halfway through” sniffed Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile,  Meghan McCain let Glenn Beck have it for his nasty comments about her looks. My favorite line from her response  “I mean, if you’re too conservative and outrageous for Fox, that should tell you something. ” Maybe the GOP nominated the wrong McCain.

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas Friday announced his third run for the Presidency. Paul says he’s “optimistic” about his chances and that his “supporters are enthusiastic.” Of course we hear the same thing every year from the manager of the Cubs.

QB Tate Forcier, who left Michigan after he was declared academically ineligible for the Gator Bowl, has changed his mind about transferring to Miami. Forcier now will not become a Hurricane because of what a source told the AP were “undisclosed personal matters.” Possible translation, did they expect him to go to class?

From Marc Ragovin of New York   “An article in today’s paper said that a revamped Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark has reopened, although some glitches remain. I’ll say. In Act III Peter Parker gets shot in the eye by a Navy Seal.”

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