Giants baseball – a violation of the Geneva convention?

Okay, Giants’ fans expected torture.   But couldn’t we have waited until at least the second home game of the season?


(It wasn’t just Brian Wilson’s two-out, two strike blown safe.  Like for example 17 men left in on base, and without two double plays and a caught stealing, it would have been 20.

Due to a rain delay in San Diego, at midnight Pacific time, the Dodgers-Padres Friday night game is tied 2-2 going to the top of the the 7th.  Which has to have caused some really confusing situations – some visiting Dodger fans fans may have arrived for the beginning of the game, and left after the third inning.


The media reports are  that Manny Ramirez is retiring just because he got a second positive drug test that would have resulted in a 100 game suspension. Manny’s response -” Please, I prefer to think of it as an extended maternity leave.”

Actually Ramirez’s short term Tampa Bay Rays teammates bear him no ill-will. The team plans to throw him a combination farewell party and baby shower.

And on the field, Tampa Bay rallied with a five run ninth, to win their first game of the season, 9-7 over the Chicago White Sox.   Wow, you’d think a really heavy and big weight had been lifted out of their clubhouse.

And as an aside. Manny was hitting .059 (one for 17 )for the season at the time of his retirement. So much for the efficacy of Performance Enhancing Drugs.


Okay, here’s a thought to avoid potential shutdown dramas. Tie Congress’s salaries to getting a budget done on time, 30 days before the deadline. For every day they miss that goal, their salaries are docked about 3 percent, down to almost nothing as they approach the last minute. Just might motivate some of these ideologues.

Either that or make it like American Idol.  For every day after a certain deadline that Congress doesn’t get a budget done, America gets to vote and one congressperson gets sent home each day.


Former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee,  a devout Christian who is staunchy  pro-life/anti choice,  said Friday Republicans should abandon their crusades against National Public Radio and Planned Parenthood, and get a budget passed. You know it’s a strange time when the guy who believes humans coexisted with dinosaurs was the voice of reason for the Republican party.



Earlier Friday the Republicans and Democrats had agreed on everything to avert a shutdown except whether or not to give $300 million for Planned Parenthood. Now, personally, I’m pretty adverse to giving BILLIONS to Halliburton in no-bid contracts, but wouldn’t want to shut down the government over it.


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One Comment on “Giants baseball – a violation of the Geneva convention?”

  1. I don’t know what’s stranger: A game still going on at 1:10 in the morning on the west coast, or a rain delay taking place in San Diego….

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