Presidential madness:

Barack Obama is 29-3 in his picks in the NCAA men’s tournament. The president is in the 100th percentile on’s Tournament Challenge, tied for 492nd out of 5,923,829 submitted brackets.

So hey, the U.S. is trying to come up with creative ways to fix the deficit – maybe Obama should take his talents to Las Vegas.


On the other hand, now that he lives in Washington D.C. who better than Obama to be an expert on amateur basketball?   His home team is now the Wizards.

But sorry folks,  referring to Thursday and Friday games in this year’s NCAA tournament as “second round” games  is B.S.   This was the FIRST round. Those little matchups on Tuesday and Wednesday were “play-in” games. Even the BCS is thinking “Have you no shame?”

Michigan 75 – Tennessee 45. This game was so embarrassing that Volunteers fans are wondering if Lane Kiffin was somehow involved.

Augie’s proposed headline for USC’s early exit – “Flaccid Trojans get Rammed.”

Pete Kendall, the NFL players association representative says that negotiations broke off because the owners’ last offer suddently made salaries a fixed cost and was “kind of the old switcheroo.” Yeah, how does he think they became billionaires in the first place?

The University of Michigan cancelled a planned trip with three games to Stanford this weekend due to a forecast of rain, and will instead play in a tournament at Eastern Michigan University. Which coincidentally saves a lot of money the school can use towards say….football?

The AP Stylebook apparently has decided that it’s now “email” not “e-mail.” Just in time for the majority of the world to have switched to social media and texts.

Dan Quayle defended President Obama’s golfing by saying “I’m glad he’s playing. I think presidents deserve down time. And believe me, he is in constant communication with what’s going on.”

And some in the GOP allegedly responded, yeah, well what does Quayle know? Who would ever think he was qualified to be president. Oops, never mind.

A Florida State Senator wants to require that an alternative he calls “non-evolution” be taught in public school classrooms. Well,, I must say, as far as evidence against the theory of evolution, many of the residents – and elected officials – of Florida do provide pretty good examples.

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4 Comments on “Presidential madness:”

  1. Every one should read Grant Hill’s response in The New York Times response to Jalen Hill calling him an “Uncle Tom.” And hate I hate Duke and loved it.

  2. Berney Says:

    Wow the President is sure beating the crap out of my picks on ESPN. I believe I am currently in 1,227,733rd place…

  3. marc ragovin Says:

    In response to being asked if he still considered himself the world’s number 1 player, Tiger Woods replied “Absolutely, as long as we’re not talking about golf.”

  4. tc Says:

    i would like to personally congratulate Zdzislaw Modlinski, Eugeniusz Borek and Wlodzimierz Konieczny on their recent win of $50M in last Friday’s Canadian Mega Millions lottery. Knowing you can easily afford to chip in to purchase the latest version of Spellcheck, (as you might use this to email your friends and relatives to spread the good news), i would ask if you have any disposable dollars left, we would like to retire. i may be contacted thru the owner of this blog. (Janice, you can have a share and won’t have to fly commercial between Austin and Denver anymore)

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