Going Gaga.

So after the Grammys will Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album be retitled “Hatched this Way?”

And some of these acts must be making the younger generation of viewers think –  they’re called the Grammys because only your Grammy has heard of some of these acts.

Since when did part of the purpose of the Grammys become making whatever stars wear to the Oscars look good?

So if the Grammys are really a huge national event and championship for the music industry, how come no one sang the National Anthem?

On the other hand, maybe the music industry wanted a night where no one forgot the words.

Tiger Woods shot a 75 and ended up 20th in Dubai. Who won? Yeah, I don’t care either.

John Boehner says the facts say President Obama is a Christian and a citizen. But he added that “it’s not not my job to tell the American people what to think.” Actually, these days, the GOP seems to prefer that people NOT think.

Tonight’s Washington Wizards game against the Cavaliers in Cleveland:. The perfect appetizer for all those who couldn’t wait for the March Madness play-in game.’

Well Cleveland Cavaliers fans, that winning streak was great while it lasted.

Another sorry sidelight to the Christopher Lee  – aka the Craiglist Congressman – saga.  The guy was vain enough to lie about his age by seven years (said he was 39 instead of 46), but still stupid enough to use his real name?

For anyone dreading Valentine’s day, as my friend Dan McCarthy points out, it is only one more day until “Cheap Candy Day.” 

(And okay, February 15 is maybe not quite as good as November 1,but the cheap stuff on the 15th is prettier.)

And commie-pinko time:   Okay, while they say their top priority is eliminating abortions, the GOP wants to cut about $750 million from the “Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants & Children” (WIC). So can someone explain to me how you can be “pro-life” but anti-feeding pregnant mothers, and the kids once they’re born?

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One Comment on “Going Gaga.”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    So Yankees fans are worried that CC Sabathia might exercise his opt out clause.  No need for concern. It’s been a long time since CC has exercised anything

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