The ring’s the thing?

At the buzzer – Spurs 89, Lakers 88. All the hype this year about Kobe and Lebron, and it’s quite possible neither of them take home a ring. (The only people upset about this outside of Miami and Los Angeles are television executives.)

The Packers and Steelers are two of the only six NFL teams that do not have their own cheerleaders. So for the first time since Super Bowl II, the game will not have any cheerleaders. This news disappointed millions of men and about two women.

Bob Griese, 65, has announced his retirement from broadcasting after 29 years. Wonder how many people have anonymously forwarded this story to Terry Bradshaw?

Sarah Palin has declined an invitation to speak annual Conservative Political Action Conference later in February, despite the fact that almost every other Republican running for President in 2012 will be there. Actually makes sense in a way, with all the other candidates there, it won’t be all about Sarah.

The Republicans have dropped controversial language in an anti-abortion bill that would have greatly narrowed the definition of rape. The wording had been known privately as the Roethlisberger codicil.

Since the alleged victim in the most recent sexual assault case was a young woman who wasn’t legally old enough to drink, think we can safely assume that if the Steelers win Sunday, we won’t hear the commercial with Big Ben saying  “I’m going to Disneyland.”

Giants closer Brian Wilson has decided to go back on Twitter. And manager Bruce Bochy has just upped his standing single malt scotch order for his office.

The NCAA indicated they will sanction Tennessee’s football program for violations under former coach Lane Kiffin, and will also cite Kiffin himself, who has moved on to USC. The Trojans are already on probation, but wonder how long after Kiffin leaves they will be punished further for what he is doing now.

But seriously, Lane Kiffin has never had a really successful season as a coach, he has left messes to clean up at every job he leaves, and he keeps getting better and better positions.  Either the man knows where the bodies are buried, or he has some really incriminating pictures.

Ralphs Grocery has pleaded no contest to overcharging customers for prepackaged and weighed products at stores in Los Angeles. Apparently the packages weighed considerably less than what they stated on the label. And thousands of women heard this story and responded,  “Oh, I must have the same scale Ralph’s does.”

Egyptian President Mubarak says if he resigns “there will be chaos. And we thought former President  George W. Bush was out of touch with reality.

As the situation in Egypt deteriorates and the violence against journalists escalates, anyone up for taking a collection to pay for personal coverage from Cairo by Glenn Beck?

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3 Comments on “The ring’s the thing?”

  1. How did Mubarak not know about the chaos? Maybe he should turn the Internet back on and watch the news.

  2. Augie Says:

    Big Ben may not say he’s going to Disneyland if the Steelers win. Most likely he’ll say “I’m going to Vegas, Baby! ‘Even I can happen there, ’cause I can make it stay there, unless you’re Tiger or Shaq.”

  3. Augie Says:

    Big Ben won’t be saying he’s going to Disneyland if the Steelers win, but he may say, “I’m going to Vegas, Baby! ‘Cause if I happen there, I can make it stay there, unlike Tiger and Shaq.”

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