Pitchers and catchers report, and then…

Manny Ramirez told a Florida reporter he is in “great shape” after working out extensively this off-season. I guess that means he’s lost all that pregnancy weight.

Ramirez also says he is really happy to be back in the American League and with the Rays for 2011. Over-under on when he gets unhappy and starts sulking? I’m guessing about early July?

(WordPress keeps all comments indefinitely so if any readers want to weigh in, can reference your pick on the day Manny starts whining, and give you bragging rights.)

Another question?  What will happen first, Manny starting to act like a   sulky child, or the Cubs being eliminated from playoff contention?

There’s been an ice storm in Texas this week, and temperatures are way below normal.  In fact, folks in Dallas haven’t seen anything this cold since the Cowboys’ offense.

So because of the weather in Dallas, the Green Bay Packers will be practicing indoors tomorrow. What is it with these wimpy teams who clearly aren’t used to the cold?

Mitt Romney says his wife thinks he should run for president. Makes sense, now that he’s retired and finished writing his book, she’s tired of having him around the house.

Apparently, Marc Mezvinksky, Chelsea Clinton’s new husband, is taking a few months off from his investment banker job to be a ski bum. Well, now that he’s married a President’s daughter, I guess Mezvinsky decided to spend his time doing something more socially responsible.

Regarding this Florida judge Vinson who says the entire Obama healthcare reform package is unconstitutional: So to avoid any conflict of interest I assume the 70 year old judge will give up his own lifetime government healthcare package, and look for private insurance to go along with his Medicare?

A new study says that having your team in the Super Bowl could be dangerous to your health, because your emotional response to the game could trigger a preexisting heart condition and lead to cardiac arrest. Which means that while painful, it’s at least healthier these days to be a 49ers or Raiders fan.

Rush Limbaugh is now wondering why “Pharoah Obama” didn’t see the problems in Egypt coming? With all due respect, Rush Limbaugh is a Ph**king idiot and a Phraud.

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