Closing ceremonies…..and of course, the gold medal game..

But Olympic junkies on the west coast are in luck, NBC’s taped delayed coverage should go on until at least Tuesday.

It actually kind of feels right that the gold medal goes to a country where the average man or woman on the street can actually name at least one hockey player.

Americans watching the gold medal hockey game were both confused and disappointed by the overtime period. Where was the coin toss? And where was the little guy who comes in to win the game by kicking the puck into the net?

So the US came close. But did anyone, especially in San Jose, really expect any team coached by Ron Wilson to win it all?

Tickets for the USA-Canada hockey game were going for $4000.00 a ticket and up with scalpers. Wonder how many were being bought by new fans from the US who wondered when they will ever get another chance to see a game between two teams with so much top professional talent in North America.

Ron Turner, who was just hired this month as an assistant coach by Jim Harbaugh, resigned today to take a similar position with the Indianapolis Colts. Who does Turner think he is – Lane Kiffin?

Manny Ramirez actually told a reporter at Dodgers’ spring training – “”I’m an employee here, I just do what they want me to.” I think I like his story about the fertility drug better.

Regarding those new “Cant Trust Steve” ads that Meg Whitman is running against her opponent Steve Poizner: Anyone else think they would be appropriate to get her elected as senior class president?

And in closing.

For all those Winter Olympics fans who will be glad to see the last of Vancouver and go back to having the games in an actual COLD city – I give you today’s weather in Sochi, Russia. High 56, Low 47.

(Sochi is a resort town on the Black Sea. According to the Los Angeles Times. “The average February temperature is 43 degrees. Winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing. It has a moderate tropic climate and rarely sees snow.)

Maybe they should put these games somewhere that actually gets cold. Like San Francisco in July.

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2 Comments on “Closing ceremonies…..and of course, the gold medal game..”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    The Olympic gold medal hockey game proved once again that there is a yawning gap between Canada and the US in this sport. While 30 miilion Canadians partied like there was no tomorrow, 300 million Americans jsut yawned

  2. left coast sports babe Says:

    Yeah, game was watched by more Canadians than anything else in history of television. In US, the viewership will likely be eclipsed by the finale of the bachelor.

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