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Busted brackets…

March 19, 2010

How bad a day was it for sports fans who had Big East teams going deep into the tournament? Some of them are so upset that tomorrow they might actually use their office computers for work.

Three teams (Georgetown, Marquette and Notre Dame) upset in the first round, and Villanova barely escaped. Who knew that in the NCAA tournament the Big East would suddenly become the Big Easy?

And now we really know St. Patrick’s Day is over. The first NCAA tournament upset was Old Dominion over Notre Dame. So much for the luck of the Irish.

And here most Irish fans thought the worst thing that would happen to them today was a St Patty’s hangover.

The Chicago Cubs are considering putting up the first sponsored sign at Wrigley Field – a Toyota logo over the left field bleachers. But do Toyota and the team really have that much in common? After all, you can stop the Cubs.

From my very talented and funny friend Jerry Perisho:

This is one of those rare moments in history when mortgage rates and Congress’s approval ratings both hover around 5%.

(and my rejoinder – the difference is that we can actually expect Congress’s ratings might go lower.)

Ideas for getting those census forms back…

So the U.S. Government is spending over $11 billion on their latest census. And for all that they are worried about getting people to reply.

Can I suggest a few simple answers?

Get the census form returned by this weekend along with a filled out bracket and be entered in a March Madness prize pool.

Forget needing to do the work of brackets. Have a Publisher’s Clearing House type contest with winners drawn from respondents.

Give respondents extra votes for American Idol.

Beyond the madness…

April 6, 2009

Fans of 24 and Jack Bauer had to decide between watching the show tonight or  the NCAA basketball tournament.  Either way, for fans of the Michigan State Spartans, torture was involved.

On the other hand, the last time Michigan State played North Carolina, they lost 98-63.  So 89-72 doesn’t look so bad.  

A 35 point loss down to a 17 point loss.  Sort of like most people’s 401ks

President Obama, by the way, picked the UNC Tarheels to win it all in his ESPN brackets.  Well, heck, now that he’s got that under his belt the economy should be a snap.

The Oregon State Beavers , for anyone who missed it,  won the second annual CBI (Can Buy In) tournament this past weekend.  And for those who mock the tournament, the winning Beavers’ coach IS pretty much a lock to be invited to the White House.

(for anyone going, “huh?”,   the new Oregon State coach this year is Craig Robinson  – Michelle’s brother.)



Levi Johnston claims that he and Bristol had sex at her home,  something Governor Palin angrily denies.  Yeah, apparently Sarah can see Russia but she isn’t so good about what’s going on INSIDE her house.


Sarah Palin is particularly upset to hear these stories of premarital sex while she is preparing for her oldest son’s 20th birthday on April 20th.  Sarah and her husband, by the way, eloped on August 29. 1988. 

While many sports fans have been distracted by college basketball,  Major League Baseball has had some of their opening games.  And after one day hope springs eternal –  the Cubs are in first place, the Yankees are in last, and Ken Griffey Jr has been healthy every day of the season.l

Small victories

March 27, 2009

President Obama has to feel like he is tackling the labors of Hercules these days. But he was right about Duke.

Duke shot 16 for 60 from the field against Villanova in one of their worst tournament performances ever. In fact, their shooting percentage was so bad the team was invited to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

Another good news item for President Obama. He chose Joe Biden over Chris Dodd as a running mate.

President Obama during his online news conference said he did not think legalizing marijuana was a good idea to help the economy. So much for the stimulus package for Krispy Kreme.

Many New Yorkers are really missing Eliot Spitzer. Not only was he one of the first people to be right about companies like AIG, he also knew how to spend money for a successful stimulus.

Sarah Palin was complaining again today about last fall’s campaign, saying that that there was no one on the McCain campaign who she wanted to “hold hands with and pray.”

Actually, after Senator McCain chose Sarah Palin his campaign staff spent plenty of time praying.

Or – She couldn’t find anyone because they were too busy wringing each other’s hands.

How strange is Sarah Palin acting these days? Even Nayda Suleman said “that woman is wacky.”

Hillary Clinton said that North Korea firing a missle would be considered a “provocative” act. Bill Clinton said that this might be the first time the words “Hillary” and “provocative” have been used in the same sentense.