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Pardon me?

November 29, 2014

A communications director for Tennessee Rep. Stephen Fincher has apologized after posting on Facebook some criticism of Malia and Sasha Obama’s outfits when their dad pardoned a turkey “Try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.”

Leaving aside the fact that children in the White House are traditionally off limits, many parents saw the picture and thought “I wish my daughters dressed that modestly.”





Apparently a new study has found that marijuana could help in treating Alzheimer’s. So it still might be “Dude, where’s my car?” But at least you’ll remember you have one.

Happy birthday to LA Dodgers’ announcer Vin Scully, 87.  Or as Jamie Moyer refers to him “that nice young man.”

If ‪#‎Auburn‬ held on,  ‪#‎SEC‬ powers might have had to have an emergency meeting to develop rationales for 2 loss team in ‪#‎CollegeFootballPlayoff‬ ‪#‎AUBvsBAMA‬

But the final score was Alabama 55,  Auburn 44, So when did they change the ‪#‎IronBowl‬ into a flag football game?

Western Kentucky upset previously undefeated #24 Marshall in OT, 67-66. The WKU Hilltoppers may not have earned a bowl bid, but perhaps at least a small bouquet from the BCS powers-that-be?

The Philadelphia 76ers are 0-16. At this point even the Washington Generals want to play them.

Many SF Giants fans are unhappy about a favorite player leaving as a free agent. Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane seems bound and determined not to let star players stay around long enough to be favorites and/or free agents.

For the uninitiated, George Gipp. aka “the Gipper”, died almost 96 years ago this week. Good thing. ‪#‎NotreDame‬‘s play today might have killed him.

Most Americans are agreed in hoping that ‪#‎ESPN‬‘s ‪#‎MikeGolic‬, a ‪#‎NotreDame‬ alum, didn’t make a bet involving a photo over ‪#‎USC‬ game ‪#‎NDvsUSC‬

FSU hung on to beat Florida 24-19, despite Jameis Winston throwing four interceptions so far today. Who knew the Heisman winner’s ambition was to be drafted by the ‪#‎NYJets‬?

A story is going viral about a US Airways passenger who brought a pig on board last week as an emotional-support animal. Wonder how many women are thinking “how different is that from with my ex?”

From Alex Kaseberg  “In Connecticut, a pig was kicked off a flight for being disruptive. This inability to have a pig fly does not bode well for the Chicago Cubs’ season.”

In a retrial, a Cairo judge dismissed all murder charges against former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Wow, did Egypt import a judge from Los Angeles?


A 25 year-old Central Florida high school band teacher has been arrested and charged with having sex with two of his students. One relationship started last year but the girl kept it a secret until last week, when she found out about the new girl. ‪#‎Stayclassy‬

(this is one of those moments when you almost wish the students HAD been armed.)