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What’s the word, or rather, the letter?

November 29, 2013

Ohio governor John Kasich has posted a resolution urging state residents to boycott using the letter “M” Saturday when Ohio State plays Michigan. One word. “Orons”


Two men were arrested after a fight in a Virginia Walmart over a parking place resulted in one of them being stabbed. If only the other shoppers had been armed.

Where’s the anti-spam device we really need right now? The one that zaps EVERY message with “Black Friday” in it in our in-boxes.

Thanksgiving fell on the first night of Hanukkah. Wonder how many Jewish Americans got a little tipsy and tried to light one leg of the turkey on fire?

Okay, now scientists say comet ISON may have survived its trip around the sun. Or part of it,, or maybe it did flame out. Where’s Monty Python when you need them? “Not dead, sleeping…”

Maybe we should rename the ISON comet for the city of Green Bay. Because this year it flamed out faster than the Packers.


Demi Moore, 51, and Ashton Kutcher, 35, have finalized their divorce. And Kutcher reportedly will marry Mila Kunis, 30. Well at least he’s not marrying one of Demi’s kids.

Apparently there’s a backlash on Twitter and other social media over Carrie Underwood’s starring in NBC’s live broadcast of “The Sound of Music.” Okay, two things. One, as much as I love the Julie Andrews version, the movie itself was a remake of a Broadway play with Mary Martin. And two, it’s NBC, so who’s going to watch anyway?




The NBA fined him $50,000. And Jason Kidd now says he was just “trying to win” but spilling a drink as a stall tactic was “something I probably shouldn’t have done.” Translation, it would have been much easier to have a player feign injury

Nets coach Jason Kidd has been fined 50,000 dollars for spilling a soda on the court to stop the game. And in Utah the Jazz coach has to be wondering what it would take to stop the whole season.

The Baltimore Ravens are angry about Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin being on the field yesterday and keeping Jacoby Jones from scoring on a kickoff return. But rumor has it Tomlin has been offered a contract to join the Redskins’ defense.

The Washington Wizards have won three in a row and five of six. Can we blame Obama?

The bad news for Fresno State. They lost to San Jose State today 62-52. The good news for Fresno State. They didn’t lose 102-52 in a BCS bowl.



Fresno State’s loss to San Jose State means that Northern Illinois will probably get a chance to erase their fans’ memories of a blowout BCS bowl loss last year to Florida State. This year the NIU Huskies will probably get blown out by Oklahoma State.




American Express is making their annual big deal about “Small Business Saturday” where they encourage everyone to work with local small companies. Unless that small company is for example, a travel agency that competes with American Express.