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Oh deer…. antler spray.

January 29, 2013

Randy Moss said today that he thinks he’s “the greatest receiver to ever do it.” Even Terrell Owens is thinking “Check that man for concussions.”


An orangutan at the Fresno Zoo picked the SF 49ers to win the Super Bowl by choosing a red and gold blanket out of a box. But how unscientific. Where’s Paul the Octopus when we really need him?

All these Super Bowl prop bets, who’ll score first, how many rushing yards for Colin Kaepernick, how many field goals, etc… So who’s laying odds on how many stupid things Randy Moss can say between today and Sunday?

So let me get this straight… Joe Flacco is getting more grief Super Bowl week for calling playing next year’s game in NJ “retarded,” which he quickly corrected, than Ray Lewis is getting about those two guys who ended up stabbed to death in 2000?    And Ray himself is only getting grief about…. deer antler spray. 

(If Bonds says he thought it was flaxseed oil, wonder what Lewis will say the spray was..)

But seriously, not condoning cheating. On the other hand, AAA minor league baseball minimum salary is $2150 a month, for six months. Major league minimum salary is $490,000 a year. Wonder how many of us would turn down a drug that would increase our salaries that much?


Roger Goodell had a news conference in New York City about the 2014 Super Bowl, which will be played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, and talked about the forecast for 50 degree weather this weekend. Uh, yeah, and Goodell conveniently forgot the 10 degree weather in NJ LAST weekend.

A judge upheld San Francisco’s public nudity ban, saying that requiring people to wear clothing doesn’t violate the First Amendment. Can that same judge rule on spandex next? (As a favorite bumper sticker said ‘Spandex, it’s a privilege, not a right.”)

Mormon-owned Marriott International has joined an coalition to repeal DOMA, (the Defense of Marriage Act.) Forget politics, needing to put heads in beds REALLY makes for strange bedfellows.

In Delaware last weekend Ada Bryant, 97, married Robert Haire, 89. The bride is keeping her name. Because, hey, you never know. What if she gets tired of him or something?.

Ashley Judd is ending her 11 year marriage to Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti. Women are thinking “How sad, it was such a romantic story.” And men are thinking “There’s renewed hope!”

Alex Rodriguez has been implicated in another potential PED scandal, but he denies using any drugs recently. And why should we doubt a man who already told us in 2009 that the only time he lied about using illegal PEDs was from 2001-03.



American Airlines is being investigated by the FAA for allegedly flying a 757 for two months with emergency exits blocked by misaligned passenger seats. So expect a new question from flight attendants: “In case of an emergency, are you willing and able to unbolt your seats and then open the exit door?”

Former GOP congressman Ray LaHood is stepping down as Transportation Secretary, but says he thought it was “the best job” he’s ever had in public service, and that he liked working for Obama. Is LaHood also trying to get kicked out of the Republican party?