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Hard knocks.

October 3, 2022

Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa has officially been ruled out for Sunday’s game against NY Jets as he “continues to progress through concussion protocol.” Fact that this is news should tell you all you need to know about the NFL’s interest in the well-being of their players.

Rookie QB Kenny Pickett is expected to replace Mitch Trubisky as Pittsburgh Steelers starting QB.

And Bears fans are just giggling.

Listening to Florida sheriff being interviewed about people who have died:”It’s going to come down to medical examiner to determine if deaths were storm-related or no.” Translation: Ron Deathsantis is going to press hard for examiner to list cause of death as anything but Ian.

Fox News loves to put “Dem-run city” in headlines. With all finger pointing now in FL on Ian, wonder why Fox didn’t mention Tampa, where Dem. Mayor Jane Castor urged public to evacuate day BEFORE county order. “If you can leave, just leave now; we’ll take care of your property,”

Herschel Walker can’t remember how many children he has. Does anyone think he’s only been responsible for one abortion?

Radical GOP legislators in Alabama, which 24% black, have SCOTUS case on trying to make 6 of 7 congressional districts in the state, majority white.

Rachel Maddow “Think overturning what’s left of Voting Right Act too radical for SCOTUS to do? Remember this is court that overturned Roe V. Wade.”

The Dow rose 760 points Monday. “Siri, tell me a stock market story we won’t hear on Fox news.”

Why is CNN Jake Tapper promoting Maggie Haberman’s book – calling it a “fantastic read?” Is she giving him a cut of royalties?

He literally ended his interview “Go buy it.”

One word. NO.

We may never be done w/ COVID. Client attending wedding in 4 days, just got Plaxovid rebound case, feels pretty good.

But he decided to be responsible & stay home instead of risking infecting others. The hotel in Sun Valley is charging a large cancellation fee they wouldn’t waive. How many would think “If I have to pay I’ll just go?”

Non-snarky PSA: Over the last few years have had several travel clients lose track of time and let passports expire. Worth checking validity now. Also even more worth making absolutely sure you are registered to vote.


Droughts and storms.

October 3, 2022

Congrats to Seattle Mariners, who are in the postseason for the first time in 21 years… as a wild car.

Fortunately this year the wild card round is best of three instead of win or go home. Otherwise, with the way smaller market teams get shunted to day games, Mariners could have ended up in a one game playoff, and been gone before the first day’s primetime.

Meanwhile, SF Giants will not be in the postseason. But who thought a few weeks ago they’d be alive (barely) until the last weekend of the regular season.

As Florida begins the slow process of rebuilding after Ian we are about to discover many people’s definition of socialism “Government money going to anyone but me.”

Senator Ron Johnson, and Wisconsion gubernatorial Tim Michels won’t commit to accepting 2022 election results.

Even the most hard-core Packers fans wouldn’t advocate throwing out scores of every game the team lost. These guys are not just anti-democracy they’re bad sports.

Florida Senator Rick Scott even voted against disaster relief. For all those who claim Democrats think Republican voters are dumb, Republicans are the ones that act like their voters are too dumb to notice what they do.

And if you think Democrats saying GOP has birth control in their sights next are just fearmongering or being modern day Chicken Littles… Remember how many people thought Roe v. Wade was settled law.

What are the chances that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will actually utter this phrase? “Thank you Joe Biden.”

On Tuesday, before Ian hit, even though President Biden had approved a disaster declaration for Florida, Fox News headlines were all about how Biden hadn’t called Florida Governor DeSantis yet. Now Joe has called Ron THREE times. Fox News – crickets.

Mary Peltola, first Democratic congressperson from Alaska since1950, and first native Alaskan, is a better and more interesting story than Marjorie Three Names. So why isn’t media giving Mary at LEAST equal attention?

1. Democrats are NOT for open borders. And we need immigration reform.

2. But with so much devastation from Hurricane Ian perhaps US could temporarily make it legal for refugees already here waiting for hearings to work on cleanup & repairs in Florida & other affected states?

Smetimes I can’t decide if media really thinks they want would-be dictator Velveeta Voldemort should be running the country. Or if they just think he’s good for ratings. And can’t decide which is worse.

Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell sang “pave paradise and put up a parking lot.” But “don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” could equally apply to democracy. VOTE!

Apparently teachers go on Bachelor in Paradise. Personally don’t care what (legal) things people do in spare time. But why is GOP right-wing so afraid children will be triggered by knowing teachers have same-sex partner, but seeing teachers making out w/ random folks on TV is just fine?

Wasn’t it a Republican who once said “I believe in a kindler, gentler nation?” I miss those days. A friend’s wife works at Disney World. Guests today were already complaining about the two days they missed of vacation.

So as Velveeta Voldemort has now gone after Elaine Chao in a particularly nasty way guess that puts Mitch McConnell in the Ted Cruz club of men who put defending their wives below kowtowing to a deranged would be dictator.