Hard knocks.

Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa has officially been ruled out for Sunday’s game against NY Jets as he “continues to progress through concussion protocol.” Fact that this is news should tell you all you need to know about the NFL’s interest in the well-being of their players.

Rookie QB Kenny Pickett is expected to replace Mitch Trubisky as Pittsburgh Steelers starting QB.

And Bears fans are just giggling.

Listening to Florida sheriff being interviewed about people who have died:”It’s going to come down to medical examiner to determine if deaths were storm-related or no.” Translation: Ron Deathsantis is going to press hard for examiner to list cause of death as anything but Ian.

Fox News loves to put “Dem-run city” in headlines. With all finger pointing now in FL on Ian, wonder why Fox didn’t mention Tampa, where Dem. Mayor Jane Castor urged public to evacuate day BEFORE county order. “If you can leave, just leave now; we’ll take care of your property,”

Herschel Walker can’t remember how many children he has. Does anyone think he’s only been responsible for one abortion?

Radical GOP legislators in Alabama, which 24% black, have SCOTUS case on trying to make 6 of 7 congressional districts in the state, majority white.

Rachel Maddow “Think overturning what’s left of Voting Right Act too radical for SCOTUS to do? Remember this is court that overturned Roe V. Wade.”

The Dow rose 760 points Monday. “Siri, tell me a stock market story we won’t hear on Fox news.”

Why is CNN Jake Tapper promoting Maggie Haberman’s book – calling it a “fantastic read?” Is she giving him a cut of royalties?

He literally ended his interview “Go buy it.”

One word. NO.

We may never be done w/ COVID. Client attending wedding in 4 days, just got Plaxovid rebound case, feels pretty good.

But he decided to be responsible & stay home instead of risking infecting others. The hotel in Sun Valley is charging a large cancellation fee they wouldn’t waive. How many would think “If I have to pay I’ll just go?”

Non-snarky PSA: Over the last few years have had several travel clients lose track of time and let passports expire. Worth checking validity now. Also even more worth making absolutely sure you are registered to vote.

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