Not father of the year.

If there are other women for who Herschel Walker paid for an abortion, now would be a good time to come forward.

Congrats to Aaron Judge, with now 62 home runs.

Judge in 2022 has walked 111 times, with 19 IBBs. By comparison, Barry Bonds in 2001 was walked 177 times, 35 intentional. No way of knowing how many pitchers were roided then – rumors were a lot – but imagine if more of them had actually pitched to Barry.

So how many more scandals have to come out about Brett Favre before GOP asks him to run for US Senate?

Wonder if one reason many Republicans won’t denounce Herschel Walker is that they are just fine with their wives, girlfriends, daughters…. getting abortions, but they just want to control all other women.

Question for all these journalists trying to get bestsellers out of secret information they learned: Just how treasonous and/or dangerous would something have to be for them to alert police or Congress instead of saving it for their books?

Ron Johnson now is saying January 6 wasn’t an “armed insurrection.” He ran like everyone else when the mob broke in.

Ron Johnson isn’t THAT stupid. He just thinks Wisconsin voters are.

Death toll in Florida from Hurricane Ian is rising, property damage is incalculable at this point, and we haven’t even started talking about state’s insurance crisis. So expect a LOT of deflection & distraction from Governor DeSantis. Starting with media blame & immigration.

Only good thing about Maggie Hagerman being on Stephen Colbert Tuesday night. Been pretty tired lately. Great excuse to turn off the TV after the monologue.

RIP Loretta Lynn. Ahead of her time on women’s rights. Honor her memory by voting BLUE in Nov.

“It’s gettin’ dark it’s roostin’ time Tonight’s too good to be real Oh, but daddy don’t you worry none ‘Cause mama’s got the pill’ From “The Pill, 1975.”

Another verse from the Pill

“All these years I’ve stayed at home While you had all your fun And every year that’s gone by Another baby’s come There’s a gonna be some changes made Right here on nursery hill You’ve set this chicken your last time ‘Cause now I’ve got the pill.”

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2 Comments on “Not father of the year.”

  1. Loretta was a BIG Trump supporter!! One less Red vote!

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