1st in war, 1st in peace, last in both leagues.

Washington Nationals ended the 2022 season 55 and 107.

Nats fans are shocked, how did the team manage to win 55 games.

The man who ran on the field during Monday Night Football and was tackled by the Rams Billy Wagner is now filing a police report against Wagner.

Uh, so maybe the guy’s defense against a trespass charge is insanity?

Especially considering as bad as Los Angeles’ defense looked against the less than vaulted SF 49ers offense, Wagner might have had one of the best Rams tackles of the night.

In SF Giants last game of 2022 season -Austin Slater originally called out on a foul ball. He was furious. When umpires figure out their mistake and give him another pitch, he puts it in the upper deck at Petco. Sometimes I just love baseball.

Senator Reverend Warnock’s first speech in Senate “Some people don’t want some people to vote.” As we watch GOP circle wagons around Herschel Walker, it’s increasingly clear those “some people” trying to suppress vote are showing THEY’RE the ones who shouldn’t be voting.

All snark aside there’s probably a good & simple reason why woman who says Herschel Walker paid for her abortion hasn’t revealed her name. With today’s MAGA extremists she probably figures her life is at risk & at very least she would be opening herself to nonstop harassment.

Alisyn Camerota FINALLY with some pushback to GOP’s Scott Jennings when he lies to say Democrats want to pay for abortions until moment of birth. “That is not true Scott, as you know.” Though then she adds ‘Let’s move on.” Let’s make it simpler. “Scott you are lying.”

Recent CNN / Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows 90% of Americans think the US is having a mental health crisis. And the 10% who don’t think so are probably a large part of the cause.

A new poll shows DeSantis significantly ahead in Florida, but also shows Charlie Crist has a slight lead among female voters. Sigh, if true proves again men are just too irrational and emotional to vote.

Marjorie Three Names says she’d like to talk to Elon Musk and would put together “a roundtable of all the most brilliant people who have been unjustly banned from Twitter.” And comedy writers at Colbert Late Show and NBC SNL going “we give up, can’t top that.”

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