Post season

This is that time of year when you think “what time’s the baseball game on…?” And for fans of 18 MLB teams, we’re done until 2023. “It breaks your heart, it is designed to break your heart…”

A. Bartlett Giamatti

So we’re now in into the “hierarchy of hate” for many baseball fans. If your team isn’t in it, it’s not just who you’re rooting for in the MLB playoffs, it’s who you are rooting against.

As good as the Tampa Bay Rays have been consistently, and as good as the Cleveland Guardians have been lately, most Americans aren’t familiar with players on either team.

And with MLB scheduling their first (weekday) playoff game at 12:07pm local time, 9:07am on the West Coast, that won’t change on Friday, or probably any time soon.

Buried in ESPN story about Drew Brees deciding what he wants to do next season professionally, Brees has been working w/ Lowe’s Home Team, which “tackles critical repair projects for communities in need.

They built “new sustainable work-live headquarters to provide year-round housing for visiting volunteers in Lower 9th Ward.” The anti-Favre. #WhoDat

GOP Senator Ben Sasse apparently will resign from Senate to become president at the University of Florida. Has anyone informed Sasse that DeathSantis would like to get rid of or at least defund public education in the state, includling the University of Florida.

So hypothetically how many missing national security documents would be the price for Saudi Arabia and Russian officials to hike oil prices to try to help Velveeta Voldemort’s GOP candidates win in the midterms?

“I’ve already been forgiven. And if I’ve already been forgiven, why in the world would I not be forgiven of something like that?” Herschel Walker. So seems like we’re a few days away from “Yeah, I ordered the Code Red.”

Stephen Colbert on the Herschel Walker scandals reports apparently some in GOP knew about Herschel’s extra kids, and at least one abortion, and thought “eh, it’s not going to come out.” Beginning to wonder, what ELSE did they think isn’t going to come out?

NY Times reports, DOJ is said to believe Tr*mp has more documents. They believe he has them? Or that he sold them? Or did a little “quid pro quo” in exchange for spiking oil prices before the midterms?

Has it occurred to GOP voters in Georgia that a man who will lie about beating his wife, how many children he has, and about paying for an abortion, will lie about EVERYTHING? Including giving a d*mn about the state.

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