And then there were 12.

Bad news when “your” team is out of the MLB playoffs- you don’t care that much.

Good news when :”your” team” is out of the MLB playoffs – you don’t care that much.

Watching Phillies -Cardinals Wild Card game while working and didn’t really care who wins. But as an SF Giants fan after 2022, it was kind of nice to watch some other team’s bullpen melt down for a change..

Cleveland’s baseball team had an eight-game postseason losing streak. This year, newly named the #Guardians, team won game one of AL Wild Card series. Coincidence?

Since the SF Giants aren’t in the post season it’s easier to be objective about pundits and their redictions.

But it is worth noting that in 2014 the wild-card GIants were considered the 8th of 8 teams in the playoffs.

And now Saturday has four elimination games by default in the new MLB best of three series:

Convenient for baseball that in the eight cities with teams stil playing – Tampa,-Cleveland, Seattle, Toronto, Philadelpha, St Louis, San Diego, New York,, there isn’t a decent NCAA football team

Aaron Rodgers said he “doesn’t know what else the NFL can do about concussions. I just think we have to police ourselves as well and be smart about that.” And don’t we all want to take advice from a QB who ignored the NFL on vaccines and lied about it.

North Carolina voters: GOP Rep.Ted Budd refused to certify 2020 presidential election results & wouldn’t say in Senate debate tonight against Cheri Beasley that Joe Biden was legitimate president. North Carolina, politics aside, vote for Beasley. She has a grip on reality.

So conservative media is all in a tizzy that President BIden said “Two words – Made in America.” But okay what’s Republican problem with “Made In America” being two words? GOP has been telling us regularly they’re against math

If you know nothing else about US 2022 Senate races please know in Georgia, GOP claims REVEREND Raphael Warnock is not Christian enough. And in Florida that Val Demings, former police chief, is soft on crime. GOP isn’t just wrong on issues, they lie about issues.

OP rules for midterm elections: 1. Anything a Democrat ever said in the past on any issue is fair game. 2. Anything a Republican ever said, or, did in the past should be dismissed or better yet, attacked as being leaked by Democrats.

Stephen Colbert on GOP Georgia Senate candidate: Lying about mother of one of his children only one of Herschel Walker’s problems: “Walker claimed he supervised six hospitals. He didn’t.” Stephen “I’m kind of relieved that’s a lie.” Seriouslyl And you think your HMO is scary.

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