Beyond old-school.

Things as SF Giants fan I remember about Buck Showalter with Diamondbacks in 1998. 1. He was control freak who insisted no music in clubhouse & that “A” on players’ socks be visible. 2. He intentionally walked Barry Bonds with bases loaded. Won’t miss him in rest of postseason.

Didn’t really care who wins NL Wild Card game tonight between Padres and Mets, but after an earlier missed strike, that pitch Marte walked on was more of a swing than Wilmer Flores was called out on to end SF Giants 2021 season.

No I’m not still bitter.

Ouch. Truly painful collapse for the Toronto Blue Jays Saturday in losing after having an 8-1 lead. On the other hand, they’ve been made honorary Toronto Maple Leafs.

If you were showing Saturday’s AL Wild Card games to someone who had never seen baseball before it would be hard to explain that the Mariners-Blue Jays were playing the same game that the Rays-Guardians played earlier. #Postseason

(Rays-Guardians ended up 1-0 in 15. Mariners-Blue Jays ended up 10-9.)

Seriously ESPN? – the headline “Defense spoils another great game by Geno Smith.”

Now, the Seahawks Saints game wasn’t pretty. But headline could as easily have been “Taysom Hill proves an upstoppable force.)

Smith was 16 of 25 for 268 yards and 3 TD. Hill was 1-1 with one passing TD plus 112 rushing yards with 3 TDs.

If Taysom Hill is not named NFC Offensive Player of the Week the election actually IS rigged.

NFL claims “Game officials are typically accurate on 98.9% of calls.” Wonder where in the officials’ contracts it says “accuracy includes never letting ANYONE seriously touch Tom Brady?”

Roger Goodell says “change or two” coming to NFL concussion protocol. He didn’t name Tagovailoa but said there’s “more chatter now” about concussions. “More chatter?” More like EVERYONE knew Dolphins QB shouldn’t have been playing 4 days after he appeared to get 1st concussion.

Kanye West has become so unhinged I fully expect in 2024 the GOP will have him run in some state for the US Senate.

This isn’t hard: Democrats do not want to “defund the police.” Democrats do not want “open borders” Democrats do not want “on demand abortion until the 9th month.” I understand why GOP lies when the truth hurts. What I don’t understand is why media lets them get away with it.

Trying to imagine if Woodward and Bernstein had decided to sit on their Watergate investigation until the end of Nixon’s second term for a book.

Yes, President Biden may have temporarily forgotten a House representative was killed in a car crash. But Velveeta Voldemort just called last night for the investigation and prosecution of George H. W. Bush..

At this point beginning to think if it came out that Herschel Walker had paid for several more abortions, then killed the womens’ puppies, and burned the bodies in a bible bonfire, a good number of the GOP would shrug and say “nobody’s perfect,”

ICYMI -abortion he paid for aside: Herschel Walker said he didn’t know woman & threatened to sue for defamation.

Now “I don’t remember any card or check. But I was dating her. I could have sent some money. I could have sent card.”

How long until “well, God forgave me.”

I find Marjorie Three Names as appalling as anyone. But fact is, 75% of her district voted for Velveeta Voldemort. ANYONE could win with an R by their name. Way to stop her is for Dems to win other close Congressional races & keep her & GOP in minority. Donate accordingly.

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