No touch

Another NFL game, another questionable roughing the passer penalty, this time when Kansas City chiefs DT Chris Jones tacked Raiders QB Derek Carr and stripped the ball, but the referee called Jones for landing on Carr with his full body weight.

Maybe the ref was just practicing for a future Bucs game with Tom Brady?

Draymond Green on his punching Jordan Poole. “I was in very contentious space, dealing w/ things very near & dear to me, and hurt someone because I was in a place of hurt. But “This is not an anger management issue. Uh, seems like an anger management issue is EXACTLY what it is.

Yes, Tommy Tuberville made awful racist remarks about black people and crime. Sadly, with much of voting population who elected him over Doug Jones, those remarks may actually make him more popular.

Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email tonight starts out “I’ve been harassed, investigated, defamed, slandered, and persecuted.” Ooh, that’s a lot of big words. Who wrote it for him?

Ronny Jackson, Mehmet Oz, Rand Paul. Has any entity done as much to hurt the reputation of doctors as the GOP?

After Dana Loesch says she doesn’t care if Herschel Walker aborted endangered baby eagles, it’s about the Senate, Kirsten Powers asks “What’s the line for Republicans?” I think a great person to answer that would be Liz Cheney.

Rick Scott – “The Democrats want to destroy this country and they will try to destroy anyone who gets in their way. Today it’s Herschel Walker. Tomorrow it’s the American people.” If you didn’t already know Rick Scott is one of the most loathsome people in the Senate.

New York mayor Eric Adams wants legislation passed to allow asylum seekers to work. Considering New York, like much of US, has labor shortage, & they WANT to work, this should be obvious partial solution both for employees AND asylum seekers. Unless GOP cruelty is the point…

Frightening to think that Brian Kemp might be leading in polls in Georgia in part because by comparison Herschel Walker is making Kemp seem like a sane Republican.

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