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Break time

July 17, 2022

It’s only the All-Star break.

And somehow the SF Giants, despite some horrific stretches, are basically a Wild Card team.

But as we start thinking about the NL Wild Cards, quite possible that due to the unbalanced schedule, both Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals could end up playing a high percentage of teams, (the Pirates, Cubs and Reds.) that could lose 100 games.

Florida Gators probable starting quarterback Anthony Richardson has been branding himself with a clothing line as ‘AR-15’ , but said Sunday that he will no longer use the nickname because he doesn’t want the association with assault weapons and mass shootings.

Anthony Richardson is 21. He’s already more mature and sensitive than many Florida politicans

Just a reminder for those who think their MLB team should go all in on one or two players to try to win a World Series. The Los Angeles Angels have Mike Trout, and Shohei Ohtani, two of the best players in baseball. And the team still s*cks.

SF Giants are something like 23 and 4 with those awful Creamsicle City Connect uniforms.

Saturday with orange polyester giveaway Aloha shirts for fans they beat Milwaukee Brewers 2 to 1. So clearly Giants need to mandate ugly shirts.

Never get the point of headlines like this from conservative rags: “Biden’s border crisis continues as another 207,416 migrants are caught crossing illegally in June.” The operative word being “caught.” President Biden’s border patrol actually is doing their job.

Washington Post Headline “Texas House report on Uvalde shooting blames all agencies at the scene.” “All agencies at the scene?!.” What about blaming the fact that an 18 year old was able legally to purchase assault weapons. It’s the guns, stupid.

Yes, looks like lawfully armed man killed mass shooter today at Indiana mall and prevented further deaths. But in a chaotic situation, it’s lucky no other wannabe ‘good guy with a gun” thought this good samaritan was another bad guy and shot him. Etc.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married. I so miss the times when that would have been the biggest story of the day!

An Orlando amusement park “paused” brand new sniper shooting game where riders on Ferris Wheel paid extra to shoot laser blasters at 50 targets on rooftops throughout park.

They said in a statement “Some non-guests & community members said “it was insensitive.””

Uh who thought this was a GOOD idea?

Many Americans unmoved by case of raped 10 year old don’t realize some new state laws also make healthcare after miscarriage illegal, or require women to carry non-viable fetuses to term, so they can’t travel for that healthcare either. Birth control could be next.

Saying we need to elect 2 more Democrats to Senate doesn’t mean we don’t have many good Democratic Senators already. But Manchin & Sinema are not up for re-election & they cannot be forced to change votes. So we have to deal with reality. #GetMadAndVote