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No more no no nos.

April 9, 2021

Congrats to Joe Musgrove. But he just wrecked the answer to a baseball trivia question. ” Which is the only only current MLB franchise without a no-hitter? (Until tonight it was the San Diego Padres.)

Good for Musgrove and the Padres. But Tim Lincecum still has thrown more no hitters against San Diego than the Padres have thrown as a franchise.

As public and corporate sentiment seem solidly behind moving the All-Star game from Georgia, give GOP credit. Even as a baseball fan I couldn’t imagine how anyone could make MLB look “woke.”

Voter suppression isn’t enough. Florida GOP and Gov. Ron De Santis now trying to pass law where if you attend a protest that becomes, you could be charged with a 3rd-degree felony, and up to 5 yrs in prison. (If 25 or more attend- it would be a 2nd- degree, up to 15 yrs in prison..) Uh, this could describe aftermath of many FL college football games.

Kansas State Senate Leader Gene Suellentrop was arrested for alleged DUI and and fleeing police. Also Suellentrop was allegedly going 90 mph in a 65 mph zone, and in the wrong direction…’Who did he think he was, Tiger Woods?

Manhattan Beach was trending on Twitter today….it’s about the state possibly returning land to descendants of Black family who had it unlawfully seized almost 100 years ago. Really wish I didn’t see a place name trending and immediately think “mass shooting.”

So has Fox News figured out a way to blame the St. Vincent volcano eruption on Biden yet?

Leaving aside that Hunter Biden has not been elected to anything, unlike Donnie Jr., Hunter has actually admitted he had a serious problem.

RIP Prince Philip. 99. Remembering when Queen Elizabeth talked about them being married 70 years, and she said no one knew what to call a 70th anniversary, because no one expected anyone to be married that long. (They made it over 73 years.

Cold as ice

April 9, 2021

Frozen Four semi-finals both came down to late one-goal wins, U Mass over Minnesota Duluth in OT, St. Cloud State over Minnesota State with a goal with less than a minute to play.

So with a UMass St. Cloud State final, have to wonder, how many people are thinking “I didn’t know St. Cloud was a state?

Of course, hearing “Frozen Four,” makes many of us long time SF Giants think that term is describing the attendance in the 9th inning of a blowout weeknight Giants-Expos game at Candlestick.

Dear Media. It’s called “The Masters.” Not “The Masters Without Tiger Woods.” Thank you.

Media – Joe Manchin needs to get off his ego trip.

Also media – Let’s do another interview with Manchin along with a piece saying Joe is the most powerful person in Washington.

Amy Siskind wrote on Twitter about walking your dog and how embarrassing it is when you know the names of dogs you regularly cross paths with, but don’t know the names of the people who own and walk them.

Those of us former Little League parents feel her pain. Even more embarrassing months into the season when you know the kid, know his name, know their position, been talking to their mom or dad all year, and have forgotten (if you ever knew) their names.

Although, CDC is now saying Children’s sports are likely spreading COVID-19. I miss the days when the worst thing about Little League was obnoxious parents.

So when is Fox News going to call for the resignation or impeachment of Hunter Biden?

So Matt Gaetz may ultimately be proven guilty because he allegedly paid for illicit sex and used Venmo? Gaetz is not some old luddite.. Matt is 38 years old. And he’s not smart enough in the internet age to know everything is traceable except cash?

So Fox News is apparently obsessed now with Hunter Biden profiting off his family name and having sex with prostitutes. Are they trying to tell us they think Hunter and not Joe should be President?

Would someone in GOP like to explain to us how private citizen Hunter Biden having sex with adult prostitutes is worse than Congressman Matt Gaetz also paying for sex… with at least one girl/woman who might be underage? I’m waiting.

Fox News is whining about Joe Biden’s “absolute power grab” with his Executive Orders on gun safety. Gosh, while I try to check in daily, I’m not a regular Fox viewer, so I must have missed them ranting about the Former Guy’s executive orders…

“Florida is fighting back,” Ron DeSantis- on his lawsuit to force CDC to resume cruising in the state, without vaccine passports. “This is not reasonable. This is not rational.” If Ron is talking about his own behavior as Governor, and his lawsuit, he’s right.

With Mike Pompeo being the latest new contributor, thinking it’s time to start a new game. Will more people from the Former Guy’s administration end up on Fox News? Or in prison? Or both?

As unhappy as I still am that Mitch McConnell kept Merrick Garland off SCOTUS, how wonderful is it seeing Garland as Attorney General today in the Rose Garden?