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Cruzing for a bruzing

February 19, 2021

ESPN says over-under on NFL teams making a change with their starting quarterback is 18.

Now, that’s going to be a lot of jersey sales.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver today on ESPN’s that holding the All-Star game March 7 is “the right thing to do.” Can they rename it the NBA “All $$$$$tar Game”?

That moment you see “Zodiac Killer” trending and you know without clicking on it that Ted Cruz is involved….

So who had “Ted Cruz throwing his daughters under the bus” on their 2021 bingo card?

So for all the grief Mitt Romney got for putting his dog on the roof, at least he didn’t leave his dog at home during a freezing winter with the power out.

A tale of two politicians: Despite years of attacks, Joe Biden has 100% stood behind his troubled adult son Hunter. Within hours, Ted Cruz 100% threw his 12 & 10 year old daughters under the bus.

So since United Airlines DID get Ted Cruz to put a mask on should we put some of their flight attendants and gate agents in charge at the U.S. Capitol? (After Cruz finishes his one week quarantine post-international travel.)

How long until Ted Cruz says “Seriously, I was cold and the original plan was just to get some Ritz crackers?”

Josh Hawley’s been awfully quiet. Wonder where he’s been spending the Senate recess week.

Btw, about that $300 hotel room Ted Cruz supposedly booked at Ritz Carlton Cancun. Does anyone think Senator & wife booked cheapest standard room w/ 2 double beds? Club level rooms, with more privacy, are more like $900 a night & bet he booked two. Or a suite. Just saying.

The Ritz Carlton? So was Four Seasons Landscaping in Cancun full?

“This is not a breakdown in the system, this is a system that is broken down.” – Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, on the power disaster this week in Texas.

Perserverance went through 2370 degrees temps entering Mars atmosphere. Which should be about as hot as the temperature will feel for Ted Cruz facing reporters after his return from Cancun.

So since per Gov. John Bel Edwards, 1 million people in Louisiana do not currently have access to clean and safe drinking water, did Steve Scalise fly to Mar-A-Lago to pick up Trump bottled water?

Seriously, let’s make this bipartisan. CDC says anyone leaving USA must not only get COVID-19 test but also self-quarantine at least SEVEN days upon return. So Senate rules committee chair Amy Klobuchar & ranking member Roy Blunt need to keep Ted Cruz off Senate floor next week.

Also from CDC- “Level 4: COVID-19 Very High COVID-19 in Mexico February 02, 2021 Travelers should avoid all travel to Mexico.”