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So troubled…

February 4, 2021

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed “disappointment” that only two minorities were hired for seven head-coaching openings. Does this make Goodell the Susan Collins of sports commissioners?

Goodell added “They’re not the outcomes we wanted, and we’re committed more than ever to make sure we do that. ” Does this mean the NFL might take the Rooney rule as seriously as the wrong color socks?

If folks think that picture of a largely unmasked Naples, Florida supermarket is scary, wait until we see COVID-19 numbers following a Super Bowl in Tampa with 22,000 fans and all the Florida big parties and events at bars and restaurants since Buccaneers are in the game.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D -MN) spoke movingly today about how Democratic members of Congress were actually hoping to blend in so mob on Jan 6 might mistake them for Republicans. And his “lightning bolt moment” when he realized he realized his colleagues of color didn’t have that option.

Lindsey Graham said he hopes the former President doesn’t testify in next week’s Senate impeachment trial. Is Senator Graham afraid Donald will invoke his name?

Reports that the doctor who treated Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny after poisoning dies from ‘heart attack’:

Because they couldn’t get him to stand near enough to a window?

So are all these COVIDiot anti-vaxxers also committing to staying home and not seeking medical attention when they get sick?

So someday when this nightmare is over, is QAnon going to be an officially accepted word in Scrabble?

As certain-to-fail GOP amendments continue now close to 2a for budget resolution/COVID-19 relief have to wonder, did the My Pillow guy leave samples for Republican senators in their offices for naps?

11 Republicans in the House apparently think it’s a bad idea for one of their members to advocate executing another. Got it.

About 50 more Republicans in the House voted privately to punish Liz Cheney for saying that Velveeta Voldemort should be impeached for inciting a fatal insurrection, than voted to punish Marjorie Taylor Greene for actually contributing to inciting that insurrection.

Maybe I’m naive but always thought “against all enemies foreign and domestic” included “against people who want to kill our colleagues.”

Tweets like this are one reason I became fan of Amy Klobuchar (Miguel Cardona is Biden’s nominee for Education Secretary.)

“If reports from his confirmation hearing are accurate, it seems Miguel Cardona didn’t say we need guns in schools to protect from grizzly bears so he’s already outperforming Betsy DeVos.

Super Bowl Weak

February 4, 2021

So with this pandemic we’re missing the usual nonstop media stories about what Super Bowl players like to eat for breakfast etc. Yes, it is an ill wind that blows no one any good.

San Antonio Spurs down by 16 points with just over 10 minutes to go tonight. They won by 3. So does Gregg Popovich praise the comeback or scream at team for getting down 16 points to the Timberwolves in the first place?

NBA is moving ahead with a rescheduled All-Star game now on March 7. A meaningless exhibition game during a pandemic. Gue$$ the league ha$ their rea$on$.

Country music star Morgan Wallen suspended indefinitely by his record label. Also, Cumulus & iHeart removed his music from their radio stations, after Wallen was seen on camera saying the n-word. That moment when country music has more integrity than GOP leaders in the House.

Democratic Iowa caucuses were a year ago February 3. Have they finished counting yet?

So now that suspected murderer of two FBI agents in Florida has been identified as a 55-year-old white man, Fox News has moved the story away from the top headline on their website. I am SURE it’s just a coincidence.

So I’m confused by latest GOP outrage – does Joe Biden want Space Force to wear tan space suits?

Watching new CDC director Rochelle Walensky calmly and reasonably talking with Rachel Maddow. Trivial at this point but anyone else more inclined to take a woman talking about COVID-19 seriously if she’s not wearing a scarf?

Wonder if Lauren Boebert is getting annoyed Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting all the attention.

Seeing a clip on Stephen Colbert of Marjorie Taylor Greene talking about a “witch hunt.” All jokes about dropping a house on anyone would of course be inappropriate.

In case anyone didn’t know – Liz Cheney is one of most conservative members of the House: Most Democrats would disagree with her on 90% of things. And over 60 House Republicans still voted in a secret ballot to strip her of power for correctly calling out “Dear Leader.”

From Kevin McCarthy talking to press about Marjorie Taylor Greene “Denouncing Q-on, I don’t know if I say it right, I don’t even know what it is.” Uh, if McCarthy REALLY doesn’t know what Q-Anon is, he’s too stupid to lead the GOP.

Kevin McCarthy knew how to pronounce Q-Anon. The same as David Perdue knew how to pronounce Kamala

More Republicans want Liz Cheney to apologize for saying the ex-President should be impeached than want Velveeta Voldemort himself to apologize for lying about the election and inciting a fatal insurrection..