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Bonds away

January 21, 2020

Of all the players in my lifetime, this is the one whose at-bats were not only must-see TV, but no one who knew anything at all about baseball would even consider a bathroom break at the ballpark when he was due up.


As a baseball fan in general I loved watching Larry Walker. But if we’re talking advantages for HOF numbers, 9 plus years in Coors has to be equivalent to at least some amount of PEDs.

While tickets for Super Bowl are over $4,000, tickets for Thursday’s Wizards- Cavaliers game are available on Stubhub for $4.    (Are they asking or paying?)

Los Angeles City Council approved resolution asking MLB to take World Series championships from Astros and Red Sox and give them to  the Dodgers. Uh, shouldn’t LA also then offer to give the Rams NFC 2019 Championship to the Saints?

Ivanka is ignoring questions about impeachment in Davos.  Guess that means that along with other wardrobe changes she’s brought both her “senior advisor” and “I’m just my daddy’s daughter” hats.

Look, I love the Joe Biden elevator moment, and will support him for President (especially if he picks a solid VP.) But heck, Betty White would get the same beloved reaction, and it doesn’t make her my very first choice either.

-Mitt Romney is a taller Mormon version of Susan Collins.

Flights were delayed at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport because of a coyote on the runway. Employees finally got it to run towards a nearby river bed… wonder which one of them had to dress up as a roadrunner?


Since #MidnightMitch is trending can I propose a new Democratic goal hashtag for 2020 election? I am sure we can get Eric Clapton on board. #AfterMidnightMitch. #winbig

Amy Klobuchar in response to Trump lawyer Pat Cipollone saying that the Senators running for President are “upset because you should be in Iowa right now, but instead we’re here.”  “I thought it was kind of unnecessary when the president’s lawyer kind of poked at us for being there.  That’s our job. He said, ‘Oh, they’d rather be in Iowa.’ No, we have a constitutional duty to do our job.”   

Maybe to be fair it was just projection in that Cipollone meant Trump that instead of doing his job,  Trump would always rather be on the golf course.


If there were actual witnesses who exonerated Trump, #MidnightMitch would want them to testify nonstop, and televised on every network. #ImpeachmentTrial

Out of their hands.

January 21, 2020

NFL refs have to be happy about yesterday’s AFC and NFC championship games. Both were big enough blowouts they couldn’t change the result with a bad call.

Felix Hernandez signs a one year deal with the Braves. Nice to see an offseason baseball headline again that isn’t about cheating


When Spurs have a 15 point lead with 7 minutes to go and have to come back from being down 2 to Suns with 2:55 to go, safe to say game was not a thing of beauty. 

Thinking if NBA games were three quarters long Spurs would be about a 3 seed in the West about now.
Why there is no satire. Just saw a story and headline with a picture of Meghan Markel living her “normal” life with baby Archie in Canada. And she was “only” wearing $98 Lululemon leggings.
What has democracy come to when this headline “Republican Sens. Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Lamar Alexander have said they are open to witnesses” is an example of the most reasonable dream we have of GOP Senators?
51% of Americans say Trump should be removed from office. And considering about 34% of Americans get their news from Fox News, that’s a pretty huge percentage of everyone else.


GOP Rep Andy Biggs from Arizona wrote in an op-ed that “Trump is America’s George Bailey.” Well, Biggs got the movie right, but more like Trump is America’s Henry Potter.

While some complain about NY Times endorsing two very qualified women for President, your reminder that US is being represented at WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos by a failed knock-off clothing designer and her husband.

Really have to love these MAGAts and bots now going after Amy Klobuchar  over stories  of  her  being  a demanding boss. When “Dear Leader” screams at and insults everyone who works for him and then fires them by tweet.