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Missed chances?

January 15, 2020

Stanford had a rough football year. But we can take comfort after College Football National Championship in the fact that USC didn’t think Ed Orgeron was good enough to be their head coach.

(And for Michigan fans, Ohio State let Joe Burrow get away.)

Red Sox have fired manager Alex Cora. Translation – We can save a little bit of face if we fire him before he gets suspended.

While it may not have been as pervasive as steroids, does anyone think that the Astros and Red Sox were the only team engaged in electronic sign-stealing?

C.C. Sabathia says Yankees were ‘cheated’ out of title in 2017 by the Astros. Wonder what two teams NY beat to get to ALCS think,  the Twins and Indians, whose combined payrolls were pretty close to the Yankees.

Trump got a largely favorable reception at College Football Playoff. Well, let’s see, largely white Southern crowd who’d paid $1,000 & up for their tickets. Sounds like his base. (Guessing his reception would have been decidedly mixed at regular season Saints game.)

If Trump had exactly the same affair that Bill Clinton did,  GOP would insist both Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp be barred from testifying over “executive privilege.”

Who says there’s no use for a liberal arts degree? I actually knew the Final Final Jeopardy for the Jeopardy GOAT tournament.  (Not putting it in the post in case anyone’s recorded it.)

Before debates started,  struck by the fact that an old white man who just had a heart attack is viewed by many as less of a health risk than a woman who fainted on a hot day.


Tom Steyer wonders why we keeping having this conversation about healthcare and says it’s because the system is broken. No, it’s because Democrats just won the House and don’t have the Senate. 

Steyer also says he’s qualified to be President because he’s traveled internationally and met with a lot of people overseas. Does this mean the person we REALLY need to elect as President should be a travel agent?
Rick Scott yesterday, supposedly talking about China “I want more trade, but you can’t trade with somebody that lies, cheats and steals.” Another of those moments when Trump Cult members say the quiet part out loud.