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Play ball

March 27, 2019

All the craziness in the US won’t go away this morning. On the other hand, it will be Opening Day. So all will be righter with the world.

We all know real reason that Trump won’t throw out first pitch for Nationals Thursday. Game will be televised & we’d all see he wouldn’t be able to get baseball to home plate.

As we approach MLB Opening Day, odds for  Baltimore Orioles to win World Series range from 1,000 to 2,000 to 1. “So you are saying there’s a chance.

AAF is threatening to fold.
And millions of Americans are going “The what?”


Betsy DeVos is slamming media claiming they “spun up falsehoods and fully misrepresented the facts” about her cuts, but then said she DOES favor eliminating Special Olympics funding because it enjoys “robust support from private donations.”
Some wondered why Trump appointed Betsy, now thinking if she were younger and prettier he would have married her.

And who’d a thunk we’d miss “thousand points of light?”

Cory Booker –  “I would rather hang out with a nice atheist than a mean Christian any day of the week.”

My sense is Jesus would agree.

A President who can’t resist retweeting even the least respected sources when they praise him would have already released entire Mueller report if it exonerated him. Period.

Wait a minute, Mike Pence talking today how “the first woman and the next man on the moon will be American.” Uh, wait, and how would they be able to go into the Lunar module and for a moon walk together without chaperones. Does Mother know?

How will we really know when Trump figures out how badly he miscalculated on getting rid of the ACA? There’ll be another caravan.

Just a bit of a different reaction from Lin Manuel to Pete’s husband than to VP Pence.


Saints be praised.

March 27, 2019

For at least the 2019 season, pass interference — both offensive and defensive — will be reviewable.

And as a friend says, wanna bet the first call goes against New Orleans?

Though, seriously, as much as sports is serious, this from ESPN “NFL’s internal analysis also examined the impact of pass interference fouls that were later graded to be incorrect by the league’s officiating department. Between 2016 and 2018, 10.5 percent of incorrect calls were for defensive pass interference. But 24 of those plays ranked among the top 50 in impact on win probability. In other words, 10.5 percent of all incorrect calls represented nearly 50 percent of the incorrect calls that most hindered (or helped) a team’s chances to win.”

NFL coaches voted 32-0 to expand replay coverage to allow some non-calls to be reviewed.
Heck, even Sean McVay figures next time it might happen to his Rams.


And in the owners vote, only Cincinnati voted against it. Because the Bengals can’t imagine getting close enough to another Super Bowl for it to matter?

Four tweets from Trump this morning about Washington Capitals and captain Alex Ovechkin’s Stanley Cup Championship visit to White House. Well to be fair, this is only the second time a team in the Oval Office has been led by a Russian.

Pablo Sandoval’s last AB for SF Giants better not be that silly strikeout in pouring rain. Just saying.


SF Giants are not sold out for Opening Day next Friday. Who’d a thunk fans wouldn’t pay sky-high “dynamic pricing” for tickets to watch that traditional rivalry between the Giants and… Tampa Bay Rays?



Robert Kraft is pleading not guilty for soliciting prostitution, and wants a jury trial. He does realize that, even without upcoming NFL rule change, that DOES mean video review?

Betsy DeVos, defending her proposed $18 million cuts to Special Olympics “We had to make some difficult decisions.”
Well, yeah, $18 million per, Government Accountability Office, WILL pay for about five Trump Mar-A-Lago golf weekends.


Mike Pence has announced goal of putting a man on the moon by 2024. Building that bridge to the 20th century?


“Be calm. Take a deep breath. Don’t become like them. (The GOP.) We have to handle this handle this professionally, officially, patriotically, strategically.
Let’s just get the goods.”
Nancy Pelosi to Democratic caucus this am.   You Go Girl..

Meanwhile seems pretty clear, Trump will publicly claim he wants things released, but privately tell Barr & GOP “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome report?”#ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport