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At least some consistency.

January 24, 2019

As crazy as this world these days, at least there is some consistency.  ESPN devoting headlines after opening round at the Farmers Insurance Open to Tiger Woods… eight shots off the lead.


Now former SF Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland has signed with the Seattle Mariners. So just imagine how mellow he’ll be now that he’ll be in America’s most caffeinated city.

Apparently ticket prices for Super Bowl have dropped by 17 percent since Sunday’s conference championship games – a “worst-case” demand scenario because Patriots have gone 4 times already and Rams fan base isn’t that interested.
Womp womp.


Maybe some of the big acts who refused to play Super Bowl halftime show should consider a charity concert during the game in New Orleans.

Look, nothing’s going to change with Rams Saints game result, even though petition is up over 750,000 signatures.
But at a time when NFL routinely acknowledges mistakes after the fact, along with suspensions and fines for targeting, absolute crickets from the league office. Not even a slap on the wrist for Nickell Robey-Coleman who BRAGGED about it again on Monday

Trump “The grocery store will float you the food on credit until the shutdown is over. That’s how it works.”
And George H.W. Bush was lambasted for not knowing how a grocery store scanner worked? WTAF?

So will Trump Hotel in DC let all furloughed federal employees put meals and drinks on account?

What’s tomorrow, Trump will say furloughed workers will can have all the groceries they want, and Mexico will pay for them.

Interesting that even in the middle of an acrimonious shutdown, Speaker Pelosi refers to him as “President Trump” where he refers to her as “Nancy.” But Democrats need to be more civil.


Trump “Many of those people that are not getting paid are totally in favor of what we’re doing.”
Would he like to trot some of those people out at a Press Conference? Or are they too busy standing in food bank lines?

Southwest Airlines just announced govt shutdown means their planes can’t be certified for over-water travel and thus has delayed their plans to offer scheduled flights to Hawaii starting this winter. And the delay could be months.

Waiting for Trump to say he doesn’t care about foreign travel.

Many national parks are in Red States, & small businesses who cater to those parks – motels, restaurants, gift shops, etc, are REALLY hurting with the Trump Shutdown. But it’s okay because they’ll get back pay too. Oh wait, never mind.

From USA Today – an “on again off again” Indiana girlfriend of Sun Trust Bank killer “I never understood where it started. For some reason (he) always hated people and wanted everyone to die.”
She said he bought a gun last week, but that she and others had shrugged it off because he always liked firearms.”
Right, and who would think an angry young white man would be dangerous?

All of a kind

January 24, 2019

Give him points for honesty. A-Rod on Clemens and Bonds and the Hall of Fame. “Of course I want them to get in, because that would mean that I have an opportunity to get in one day,”

As New Orleans fans plan Super Bowl boycotts and keep signing a petition in protest of Sunday’s missed call that gave Rams the NFL Championship Game win, interesting to note in LOS ANGELES, more viewers watched the Chiefs-Patriots game than the Rams-Patriots.

(Btw, the petition won’t change anything, but it will upset Roger Goodell —   so please feel free to share and add your name, over 700,000 as of tonight.


Don’t have to look picture to know suspect in latest mass shooting in Sebring, Florida is a white man. Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about it.


According to his FB page, suspect in Sebring Florida shooting, with at least 5 dead, is a fan of both Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones.
So where is GOP outrage on how he was radicalized?

About building that wall to stop crime. Don’t suppose it would be possible to recreate that cask of amontillado story in the White House…?

In one sentence from Nancy Pelosi: “There is serious and justified concern that this president would shut down the government any time he does not get his way legislatively. That is why we must hold the line on this shutdown.”


Can Secret Service tell Donald Trump no one is now available to inspect his fast food and thus for safety reasons he can’t have any hamburgers until shutdown is over?
Government would be open tomorrow.

For that matter, so how quickly would the shutdown end if military pilots who are taking Melania to and from Mar-A-Lago tell Trump it’s not safe to fly?

Fox News claims “a poll finds a slim 51 % majority says Trump is responsible for the shutdown, while 34 % blame congressional Democrats.
17 points is “a slim majority?” Guess it’s the same math that says losing popular vote by almost 3 million is a landslide win.

Actually, if Donald Trump wants to give a SOTU speech on Hannity’s show, let him go ahead. But NO other network should cover it.

Trump SOTU statement basically tonight.
“If I can’t give it in the House, I will not give it with my spouse.
I will not give it in a box, I will not even go on Fox.”

and then


Build A Wall
Crime Will Fall.
Fooled you All
It’s About MY Haul