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Boogie nights

January 18, 2019

DeMarcus Cousins to join Golden State Warriors this weeekend. Just in time to heat up the NBA Preseason.


Washington Wizards beat the NY Knicks Thursday in London 101-100.
As if Britain doesn’t have enough to worry about with Brexit issues think NBA could have sent them two real professional teams?

Phil Mickelson, 48, shot a 12-under 60 in the Desert Classic Thursday tying his career low. Hope this is a good omen for that youngster Drew Brees, 40 on Sunday.

Does Michael Cohen have good security and a food taster? Asking for a country.

Marriott is changing the name of their frequent guest programs to “Bonvoy.” “Bonvoy?”
And just think, someone got paid millions of dollars to come up with that….


As the Trump shutdown continues, one group not asking why Nancy Pelosi isn’t giving in to appease Donald is women who’ve ever had a toddler. (Because we know – give into one tantrum, and worse ones follow.


On the same day Trump canceled Nancy Pelosi’s congressional delegation trip to Afghanistan,¬† he sent¬†Melania in an Air Force Jet to Mar-A-Lago.


That last line doesn’t even need a punchline. But presumably with cake for local residents to eat?


That moment when Donald Trump’s personal attorney reportedly paying to rig pools in Trump’s favor is only 2nd biggest bombshell story involving Michael Cohen today.


Sigh, posted on Twitter that Nancy Pelosi couldn’t go commercial as a government employee because no US airliner flies to Kabul.
Some MAGAer snarkily sent me a screen shot showing Emirates Airline flights. Right, no US airline, which government employees are supposed to take. But hey, why let laws get in the way of supporting a good tantrum.



I’m so old I remember waking up and not even giving a thought to what insanity President of the United States had done already this morning….