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Rivalries and other games.

November 17, 2018

Vandals broke into a box intended to protect the UCLA Bruin Bear and spray-painted USC colors on it.
Poor Bruin must have been guarded by the UCLA offensive line


At Friday’s Medal of Honor ceremony,  ceremony, Donald Trump stated that ‘”most people don’t know that Babe Ruth was a pitcher.” Translation, somebody just told Trump.

And not that he may have ever had it, but just guessing Trump has lost Madison Bumgarner’s vote.

Phillies owner John Middleton on free agents “We’re expecting to spend money, and maybe even be a little bit stupid about it.”
Does that mean Philadelphia wants to sign Manny Machado?

If you didn’t know how bad air quality is in Northern California already – Big Game between Cal and Stanford has just been rescheduled to Dec. 1.

On a day when Sarah Sanders says there must be “decorum” in the White House, William Goldman, screenwriter for “The Princess Bride” dies. So in his honor, a rousing chorus of “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

Betsy DeVos’s armed security detail will cost taxpayers almost $20 million through Sept 2019. So the billionaire who can afford TEN yachts (no joke) needs taxpayers to protect her from… grizzlies?

Betsy DeVos now wants sexual harassment defined as unwanted sexual conduct is “so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive” that the victim cannot return to school. Meanwhile taxpayers will pay $20 MILLION for Devos’s government security detail. Are we great yet?

Thinking if all journalists really care about freedom of the press then during next White House Press Conference when Trump calls on them instead of Acosta they should yield to CNN.

Trump on California Wildfires “Nobody’s ever seen what’s going on there, now they’re saying could be as many as 600, could be as many as 600 people killed – up by 400. Burned beyond recognition, they can’t even see the bodies, it’s incredible.” I miss having a human President.

“I saw mommy being groped by Santa Claus.”
(have at it readers and friends.)