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Won’t you please, please help me…

August 5, 2018

UMA Health, a New York based online mental health marketplace is giving free, confidential therapy sessions to Mets fans.

The first step is admitting you’re a Mets fan.

Of course, after the last few games against the Red Sox, maybe UMA Health should consider the same option to Yankees fans.

Saturday was the 25th anniversary of Robin Ventura’s charging the mound against Nolan Ryan. For some reason no one has tried that with Madison Bumgarner.


Ray Lewis at HOF speech said 1999 through 2001 were “some of the darkest moments of my life.” Not as dark as they ended up for Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar

Houston 14,  Los Angeles 0.    Rough way to start the pre-season for the Chargers against the Texans. Oh, wait, never mind.

Meanwhile Astros reportedly had a pregame meeting to discuss the  arrival of  Robert Osuna, who is almost done with his 75-game MLB suspension for domestic violence.

Here’s a solution to the issue  – just say no.

Reports that Angels manager Mike Scioscia is expected to retire at the end of 2018 season.  Maybe ESPN will discuss it between innings of Sunday Night’s Red Sox-Yankees game?


From Trump fundraising email this morning. – “I will work all hours of the night until you get the agenda you voted for.”
Right, attacking black basketball players as well as football players?

Hope Hicks boarded Air Force One today. Meaning tomorrow GOP will probably call for another investigation into Loretta Lynch’s tarmac conversation with Bill Clinton.

Donald Trump introducing Jim Jordan at his Ohio rally Saturday. Wonder if Donald Trump and Jim would be good cellmates?


Must have been awful Saturday to be Donald Trump and to know that what ever you tweeted it won’t be as popular as & .

Womp womp.

Seriously I DO miss having a President who loved his wife and loved our country.