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Here’s Johnny.

August 1, 2018

Commissioner Rob Manfred says Mike Trout should market himself. And this Friday night ESPN2 will cover… CFL Montreal Alouettes, for Johnny Manziel’s first start. #WTF?

Urban Meyer ignored assault and attempted murder allegations against Aaron Hernandez at Florida, why should anyone be surprised that he ignored domestic violence with a coach at Ohio State?

Ohio State put Urban Mayer on paid administrative leave over allegations that he lied about knowing about assault by one of his coaches.
That moment when a “win-at-all-costs” football program has more integrity than the GOP Congress. #JimJordan

Serena Williams knocked out of first round of Silicon Valley Classic after a 6-1 6-0 defeat. Embarrassing for her, but worse for San Jose promoters trying to sell weekend tickets.

Even fans of the 1962 Mets are beginning to think the 2018 Mets really suck.

On the other hand, at least Mets fans don’t have to watch Sonny Gray pitch.

Bought some groceries this morning without ID. Hope that’s not now a criminal offense!


Sarah Huckabee Sanders said White House denounced conspiracy theorists like “QAnon” today. But wait until Trump discovers “QAnon” members almost unanimously support him.

Michigan GOP Rep. Lee Chatfield, speaker pro-temp of the state House of Representatives, apologized after he was caught with an unregistered, loaded gun in his carry-on at a local airport. He said he forgot it was in there.
And women get grief about OUR purses.

It’s bad enough we have to listen to Sarah Sanders. Why does anyone care anymore what Sean Spicer says?

Mueller reportedly wants to ask President Trump about obstruction of justice. Could take a major chunk out of US deficit if questioning is televised on “pay-per-view.”

So screaming “CNN Sucks” and “Enemy of the People” is defended as free speech, but Maxine Waters is attacked as “calling for harassment.”
The Gospel According to Trump….


August 1.

August 1, 2018

And the number one sentence starter in MLB clubhouses “Hi, my name is…”


25-4 Nationals over Mets .
Really time to change the slogan from “Let’s Go Mets.” to “That’s So Mets.”

Even the 1962 Mets didn’t lose 25-4.

Anyone but me still having a hard time wrapping their head around the phrase “division-leading Phillies?”

Aurora police accidentally fatally shoot homeowner who had shot an intruder, LAPD accidentally fatally shoot hostage in Van Nuys AND a bystander at Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake.
But hey, I’m sure our country’s English teachers will do better in a crisis.

Amazing good news that all 87 aboard Aeromexico flight survived crash landing. Even better news, they weren’t on one of those discount carriers that would have charged an extra “thrill” fee.


Went to a local small  mostly take-out Mexican restaurant today to find them now temporarily but regularly closing at 6p instead of 9p. Why? Because they can’t find enough employees.

So weren’t Americans supposed to be lining up for this kind of job?

White House announced John Kelly will stay as chief-of-staff through 2020. Well, that settles those rumors. We all know Trump never changes his mind/

Trump wants to index capital gains: 97% of tax benefits go to top 10%, 2/3 would go to top 0.1%. But hey, his working class supporters would get cool new green MAGA hats.

From fundraising email – “Authorized By Trump Headquarters- Your contribution of ANY AMOUNT will be TRIPLE-MATCHED if you contribute before the cut-off period of the FEC DEADLINE at 11:59 PM TONIGHT.
Matched how, in rubles?

WTF?  Meanwhile in Tampa, Trump said tonight the Democrats want to let MS-13 rule our country.

As opposed to America’s rightful rulers, the Russians?



Remember when Hillary supporters at her rallies threatened reporters and chanted “Fox Sucks?” No. Because they didn’t.
But there’s no difference between the parties.


Man in front row of Tampa rally had a “F*ck the Media” t-shirt.
But liberals are supposed to be civil?