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High hopes?

May 11, 2018

Next time you think your boss has overly high expectations…. Dwane Casey of the Toronto Raptors. Named NBA Coach of the Year by fellow coaches 2 days ago. Fired today.

So if Raptors hadn’t drawn Lebron James  in the 2nd round would Dwane Casey  still have a job?


Maybe Becky Hammon isn’t ready to coach the Bucks yet. But in a couple years she should be ready to coach the Spurs.

AT&T and Novartis both say the payments to Michael Cohen were “a mistake.” Nope, the payments were deliberate decisions.   Getting caught was a mistake.

Hate to say it, as I root for the Spurs and SF Giants.  But let’s see, Cowboys at AT&T Stadium,   SF Giants at AT&T Park, and Spurs yes, at AT&T Arena.  Maybe mean bitch karma this year not approving of those Cohen payments.


Saw “Save Lucifer” trending and wondering if it’s GOP trying to keep John Kelly from getting fired.

I’m so old I remember when John Kelly was supposed to be the “adult in the room” at the White House.

Joe Biden said Kelly Sadler’s comment about John McCain shows that “decency” has “hit rock bottom with this administration. ”
Rock bottom? Uh, they’re already underground and still digging


We all know that if  Kelly  Sadler said Donald  Trump’s chances for re-election were “dying anyway” that she’d have been fired hours ago.

White House refused to comment on Kelly Sadlers’ remark about John McCain’s death. But Trump had no problem labeling Michelle Wolf “filthy” for her “burnt facts” joke.

That moment when a descendant of poor Italian and Irish immigrants attacks prospective immigrants for not having education or skills. #JohnKelly

Since Trump will spare the pharmaceutical industry and not allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, guessing that Novartis & others will be happy to make more “mistakes” in future.

Tough, eh?

May 11, 2018


It’s been a rough few weeks for Toronto with Leafs, then Raptors, then Blue Jays getting no-hit. But at least a Canadian team is in the @NHL Eastern Conference Finals. Even if it’s Winnipeg. #Smallmercies

Matt Harvey going to start for Reds against Dodgers Friday. In Los Angeles. Will the team outfit him with an ankle monitor Thursday night?



Scary thing for SF Giants fans is that Harvey is now slated to face Giants on Wednesday afternoon. Where the way things are going these days he’ll get at least 15 strikeouts.

Anyone but me get a restaurant or other business flyer under your windshield wiper, which from a distance looks like a parking ticket, and make a decision – NEVER patronize that business?

Preet Bharara is apparently considering a run for NY attorney general. And mean bitch Karma is out looking for popcorn.

Oliver North on the Parkland teen survivors “They’re not activists — this is civil terrorism.” But all those mass shooters, they’re just mentally ill. #WTF?

Trump is being so nice about North Korea you wonder if they’ve given him a contract to build a Trump hotel there?

Two questions of the day. Who else paid Michael Cohen? And who else did Michael Cohen pay off?

So the Stable Genius not only had no idea who his lawyer was paying off, he had no idea who his lawyer was getting millions from?


It’s really really hard to win the title “Most Reprehensible” in @realDonaldTrump administration. But @kellysadler45 has it for today.


Trump talked casually at his #Elkhart rally about getting an extension for the presidency” beyond 8 years. And lo and behold, Fox suddenly decided to cover the volcano in Hawaii…. Guess he wasn’t supposed to leak that?