Star powered?

49ers say they haven’t decided what if anything to do about Reuben Foster’s arrest for domestic violence, and GM John Lynch denied the San Francisco LB was being treated differently because he’s a star.  I think I like “pushed into a lifeboat” better.

Now it’s LaMarcus Aldridge who’s hurt,  with Kawhi Leonard still out,  Pau Gasol sidelined with a bone bruise, and Danny Green barely back from bursitis.  The San Antonio Spurs aren’t just a  basketball team, they’re a season of Survivor.

Bears to release QB Mike Glennon. How long until Chicago fans look back nostalgically to the days of Jay Cutler?

That moment when Dick’s Sporting Goods is more pro-active about gun safety than Congress…

Hope Hicks is resigning. Wonder why. Doesn’t every boss ask you to tell white lies and hide the fact that your boyfriend beat his ex’s?

Good on Walmart to change their gun policy. But remember, they are only doing it so they won’t lose business to Dick’s Sporting Goods. @Dicks


Remember those days when “Fast and Furious” referred to a series of action films instead of new revelations coming out about this White House.

Are we sure @realDonaldTrump doesn’t think “Dew Process” is one of his porn star mistresses’ names?

Remember when there were so many shootings by USPS workers that we used to say “going postal?” But sure if we arm over-worked, under-paid and over-stressed teachers that would NEVER happen. #sarcasm

Feel like I should go to Dick’s Sporting Goods if the store actually sold anything I wanted to buy. Maybe they can start stocking cookies?

As long as I am the attorney general, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor & this department will continue to do its work in a fair & impartial manner according to the law and Constitution” To quote Will Farrell in one of the best Christmas movies ever  -“He’s an ANGRY elf.” #Sessions

So now that we’ve arrested a Georgia teacher fired a gun inside a classroom, what’s next? Arming janitors? Lunch ladies?

So who had Hope Hicks in Trump Resignation Bingo?

At this point it might be easier to compile a list of top Trump aides who haven’t resigned.

(my friend pat says ” This will be more fun than filling out the March madness brackets… and less corrupt.”)

Thinking back longingly to days when we comedy writers really had to struggle to make jokes with Obama in the White House.

But okay,  Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee, top this for satire – Donald Trump today: “I’m not into popularity.”

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4 Comments on “Star powered?”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    Let’s not get too excited about Jeff Sessions’ unexpected (& probably temporary) willingness to challenge der Orangefuehrer. Based on his first thirteen months as A.G., it’s safe to say the only person who actually benefits from Sessions being where he is is Robert Mueller.

  2. Marge Rudman Says:

    Two things:
    – I need a pair of walking shoes. When I purchase them at Dick’s, I’ll be sure to let the manager know why I’m there instead of Big 5.
    – I used to teach high school. It was a job I loved. BUT every year or so, there would be a moment when it was a DAMN GOOD THING I didn’t have access to a gun. People chuckle at this, but actually I’m not kidding!

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