And water is wet.

LeBron James today “The NCAA is corrupt.” Then did he add “And there’s gambling in Las Vegas as well as Casablanca?”

Shaq’s son Shareef O’Neal on Tuesday committed to UCLA after decommitting from Arizona.  So he’ll be a Bruin for life. Or at least a year. Unless any of UCLA coaches were also caught on tape.

Played cold but… well:   Ross Jirgl, a Stanford football strength coach, had his 15 minutes at least when he appeared late on this season’s “The Bachelor,” trying to win his ex-girlfriend Becca back.  From Alex Kirshner of Bleacher Report.

“Ross becomes at least 6th Stanford football person to come in 2nd place in a nationally televised competition since 2009. He joins five Cardinal players who have finished second in Heisman Trophy voting in the same span.:

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, who said he would retire, then indicated he was rethinking decision,   NOW says he will definitely retire in 2018. “Atta boy” said Brett Favre.


Hey Donald  Trump, you know who actually DID deal bravely against men with guns, and was actually shot himself? Bronze Star and Purple Heart veteran Robert Mueller.

Ivanka on #MeToo “I’m proud of women who are standing up in face of accusers with credible evidence & credible stories.” Translation of “credible” – those accusing Democrats but certainly not my father.

Can you run a Presidential re-election campaign when you’re under indictment? Asking for a country

So did Ben Carson need to spend $31k of taxpayer money on a dining room set for his office because it needed to be worthy of Donald Trump’s very best chocolate cake?


Just wondering, when Donald Trump asked Ivanka to go as senior diplomat to South Korea did she think of replying “That’s an inappropriate question to ask a daughter?” #Complicit

Regarding these idiots who think it’s funny to make fake school shooting threats. Besides jail time can they be sentenced to community service in inner-city emergency rooms where they treat a lot of gunshots?

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