Turn out the flame…

Olympics are over.    Now Americans can go back to not caring about curling stones and triple salchows.


Atlanta Falcons’ 4th quarter in Super Bowl 50 was most embarrassing moment for many Georgians in recent memory. Georgia politicans today with Delta – “Hold our beer.”

About the only way Delta could be getting better PR is if they dragged Scott Pruitt out of first class on one of their planes.

Must say, NRA & their supporters are doing the bigliest & best job of public relations for US airlines.

NFL suing Jerry Jones for millions of dollars over court costs with Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension and Roger Goodell’s contract.    Oh this senseless billionaire-on-billionaire violence….

Sweet words in San Antonio, Kawhi Leonard will start working out with the team this year.

Some US middle & high schools are saying that for safety reasons students can’t carry standard backpacks. Fear itself is winning.

Ivanka Trump thinks questions on women accusing her father is inappropriate because she’s a daughter. But it’s not inappropriate her father put her in senior diplomatic role just because she’s a daughter?

Trump “I really believe I’d have run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” NOW is there anyone who believes he doesn’t have dementia?

So the President who says he’d have run into a school to face a teenage shooter is still afraid to sit down for questions with a 73-year-old man? #Mueller

Trump has such a hard time w/ truth. Even if he truly believes he wouldn’t be a coward against a shooter, he should have said he’d have his caddy drive him into that school.

A shooter bent on murder? Hell, we all know Trump wouldn’t even confront Dick Cheney with a gun.

Trump reportedly wants to appoint his private pilot head of the FAA. So what next? Trying to appoint his daughter as a senior foreign diplomat?

Trump today on NRA “Sometimes we’re going to have to be very tough & we’re going to have to fight ’em.”
If we really want Trump to take on NRA could someone get them to make a statement saying he’s a lousy President?

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